Starboard E-Type Foil - SUP
Starboard E-Type Foil - SUP

Starboard E-Type Foil

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Starboard E-Type Foil

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  • E-Type 1500 Carbon with 72cm Aluminium Mast
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Medium-aspect wings designed for a blend of stability, glide, speed, carving power, pumping efficiency and overall flight efficiency.

The E-Type's medium aspect ratio and straighter leading edge increases flight efficiency for a faster glide with less drag.

Progressing foilers looking for a relatively easy and balanced foil for a wide range of conditions should consider the E-Type.

Lighter riders may choose the E-Type 1500 as their largest foil, while the 1700 and 2000 models cover heavier riders and light winds.

The Razr 250's super-thin profile and gentle C-shape configuration make it our our new go-to wing thanks to its speed, efficiency and manoeuverability.

Foil Bag sold separately.


Size 1100 1300 1700 2000
Wing Span 74cm 82cm 96cm 110cm
Aspect Ratio 5.0 5.2 5.4 6.0
Tail Wing RAZR 250 RAZR 250 RAZR 250 RAZR
Tail Piece Carbon 36 Carbon 36 Carbon 36 Carbon 36
V8 Profile:

19mm thick and thicker walls: the V8 profile makes the mast extremely stiff. The cross-sectional area is the same as the V7 mast, resulting in the same mast weight per cm.

3cm narrower: the reduced chord adds more glide and flying efficiency.

V8 Top Plate:

The V8 Top Plate continues to use Starboard Foils' innovative side-bolts solution for a rock-solid connection.

A generous fillet radius was added at base to further stiffen the connection between mast and board.

V8 Fuselage Adapter:

The connection between mast and fuselage uses an new aluminium CNC-machined adapter, for maximum connection stiffness.


Quick Lock II:

The front wing slides over the fuselage and locks in place with a quick half-turn of the pressure bolt.

By inserting spacers, Quick Lock II lets you adjust the wingbase - the distance between the front and tail wing, by up to 4cm.

Tail Wing Fitting System:

The tail wing sits on a carbon tail piece that has an adjustable rocker saddle.

Set the tail wing to your desired angle then slide it on to the fuselage.

The tail piece locks in place using our patented Quick Lock system, just like the front wing.

Razr 250 Tail:

The Razr 250's super-thin profile and gentle C-shape configuration make it our our new go-to wing thanks to its speed, efficiency and maneuverability.

Suitable for wing, sup, surf, pump foiling, dock starts or downwind runs. Bascially everything.

Tail Piece Design:

The tail wings are made from 28 layers of high-modulus carbon, pressed at high temperatures under tremendous hydraulic pressure for maximum precision, stiffness and performance.