Aztron Falcon Carbon X - SUP
Aztron Falcon Carbon X - SUP
Aztron Falcon Carbon X - SUP
Aztron Falcon Carbon X - SUP
Aztron Falcon Carbon X - SUP
Aztron Falcon Carbon X - SUP

Aztron Falcon Carbon X

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Aztron Falcon Carbon X

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Reach the skies with the Aztron Falcon X 5'10" carbon foil board.

The board is extremely lightweight and rigid with its compact size and exceptional carbon and bamboo construction.

Fully optimized for greater control in advanced maneuvers, the extra wide deck offers maximum surface area with plenty of volume.

With a volume of 115L, the board has enough volume and width to make it ideal for most riders to stand-up easily.

The optimized weight and length ratio also offers riders to perform all the best tricks.

Ideal for riders 75kg  / 165lbs

  • Full carbon and bamboo sandwich construction
  • Ultra-compact shape with short length at 5'10"
  • Boxy rails for increased volume and stability
  • Foot straps inserts (*foot straps not included)
  • Section diamond grooved EVA traction deck
  • Tail kick with centre arch
  • Double concave bottom
  • Flat nose entry
  • Handles at deck and back
  • Safety leash connector
  • Package comes complete with 10ft Coiled Safety Leash


Size 5'10"
Volume 110L
Width 30" / 76.2cm
Length 5'10" / 178cm
Thickness 4.3" / 10.9cm
Weight 7.4kg /
Recommended Rider Weight 75kg / 165lbs
Max Rider Weight < 95kg / 209lbs
Straight Rocker Line

The straight Rocker Line is designed for easy take-off and a wide square tail is aimed for an optimized volume distribution.

This optimized rocker line with raised rail edge give maximum glide and the easiest take-off and landing possible.

CST Carbon Bamboo Tech

The Carbon Bamboo Sandwich technology is a high-end and advanced material tech that is applied on the Foil Board.

With full 3K carbon and bamboo veneer reinforcement patches in key areas such as the entire stance area add the extra stretch to the Aztron Falcon X model.

The planet inspired graphic print adds to the unique custom appeal of this board.

Footstrap Options

The footstrap inserts are available on the deck. The inserts offer precise position for double front strap, single diagonal front strap or new straight single front strap.

Now you can adjust your ideal foot stance position as you wish!

Double Concave Bottom

A double concave bottom contours with single concave Vee in the nose section are featured for this Falcon Carbon X model.

The combination of single and double concave bottom improves the stability while makes the release during take-off and touch-down easier and smoother.

5mm EVA Traction Deck Pad and Kick Pad

Featuring 5mm thick deep diamond grooved soft EVA foam pad, this foot traction deck provides the rider with maximum grip and comfort while foiling.

The board also has a centre tail Kick Pad to allow the riders to tilt the board upwards, making the nose lift and release from the water and helps the foil get out of the water effectively.

The Kick Pad also reduces the tail touching the water when pumping and turning.

Compatible with US Track Systems

Easily switch between the Aztron Foil models with an all-compatible system to find the best combination that suits different conditions and styles.