How To: Inflate your Stand Up Paddleboard

How To: Inflate your Stand Up Paddleboard - SUP

Are you sure you are inflating your SUP the best way possible? This handy 6-step guide will show you how to inflate an Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard (iSUP) correctly so you can get the best out of your board riding.

Step 1:

Roll out your board on a smooth surface free of loose material.p>

Step 2:

Screw the pump hose and pressure gauge into the pump handle.

Step 3:

Unscrew the valve cap on the board and connect the pump to the valve.

Step 4:

Stand the pump on firm, level ground and place your feet on the foot rests and start to pump. The first inflation will require slightly more effort than subsequent inflations.

Step 5:

Make sure you keep your hands towards the centre of the pump handles when pumping, your feet firmly on the foot rests and make sure you push directly down over the pump shaft.

Step 6:

You will find that you will reach 10PSI in about 3 minutes and a little more effort will get you to 15PSI. Inflate till 18-20 PSI for maximum performance.