Race Recap: GlaGla Race 2024 by Linus Karlsson

Race Recap: GlaGla Race 2024 by Linus Karlsson - SUP

First race of the season is done and I got the outcome I was hoping for! The GlaGla race isn’t a race that I have done any special preparation for or focused at. It’s more of a part of my winter training to see where I stack up and see what’s working and what I need to do better before the spring season.


Finally race day again. We had amazing weather with no wind and sunshine so a beautiful day in the mountains!

I made a good start and placed myself in the top five going into the first buoy. Stayed there for a while before I advanced up to the lead where I stayed for some time. Had a good feeling and felt quick and relaxed.
After the first 10k I was still sitting comfortable with the front pack and there was super fun and clean racing from everyone.

After a buoy everyone split up and there did I lost the draft and fall back just too much to get back to the tail again. From there it was a battle between me and Tomasso Pampinella. I managed to pass and pick up the pace a little and finished at p.6.

So overall I’m happy with the progress I’ve made already since Pattaya so looking forward to the rest of the offseason and coming strong to the first race later in April!

Top 7 Results:

1. Ludovic Teulade
2. Donato Freens
3. Manuel Lauble
4. Leonard Nika
5. Kjell de Bruyn
6. Linus Karlsson (me)
7. Tomasso Pampinella


Board – All Star 14×23.5
Paddle – Lima L S35
Fin – Flash +