Andi Saurer Wins Swiss Championship

Andi Saurer Wins Swiss Championship - SUP

September 15, 2019, Lake Geneva, Switzerland – Andi Saurer secured the Swiss National Title aboard the brand new Naish Javelin this past weekend at the 2019 Swiss Championships at Lake Geneva.

Both the 11 km long distance and 5 km technical races took place on the same day, with the long distance in the morning and technical in the afternoon. Andi took third in the long distance and won the technical to take the overall win of the day.

“I started strong in the long distance race in the morning but lost focus about halfway through the race and took a dive. I could not fully close the gap to the leading pack but managed to come back from 4th to 3rd.” said Andi. “After a long break I felt tired and wasn’t feeling that strong when I started warming up. I did a long warm-up to “wake up” and tried to get my mindset ready too.

In the technical race I had a really strong start and reached the first buoy with a big gap to everyone else.

After two laps and a ton of buoy turns, the paddler in second managed to close the gap and started to attack me. I fought him off, stayed in front of him and completed with a strong final sprint into the finish line. The Naish Javelin handled great in the bumpy conditions, I could catch heaps of runners into the shore.

At the buoy the Javelin stood out with its great stability and ability to do tight pivoting turns and allowed me to stay in front.”