Starboard Wingboard - SUP
Starboard Wingboard - SUP
Starboard Wingboard - SUP
Starboard Wingboard - SUP
Starboard Wingboard - SUP
Starboard Wingboard - SUP
Starboard Wingboard - SUP
Starboard Wingboard - SUP
Starboard Wingboard - SUP
Starboard Wingboard - SUP
Starboard Wingboard - SUP

Starboard Wingboard

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Starboard Wingboard

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Ideal for those who want to learn to handle a FreeWing in the water without the use of a foil.

The wide nose and tail provide enough stability, while the length and parallel rails generate the glide and speed. The removable center fin helps going upwind and the foot straps indicate the best standing position to start learning.

The board comes with a removable mast base for windsurfing, rail edges for better release, and a carry strap that can also be used as a paddle holder.

On top of being a Wing – SUP- and Windsurfing board, the 10’4” can be paddled with the wing if the wind drops and the rider is caught in the middle of a session.

Complete as standard with backpack, fins, lightweight leash and pump.



Size 10'4
Volume 310L
Width 31" / 78.7cm
Length 10'4 / 315cm
Thickness 6" / 15cm
Weight 10kg
User Weight 45-105kg
Welded Rail Technology:

The Fusion Woven dropstitch makes the Deluxe boards extra strong and stiff.

The Heat Welded rails create a complete airtight, mechanically bonded seam without the risk of glue weakening over time. Making the board stronger and last longer.

2-In-1 Carry Strap and Paddle Holder:

Velcro loops to attach your paddle.

Easier to carry as the board simply hangs effortlessly on the shoulder and frees up your hand to multi-task, hold your coffee, or phone.

When not in use, the strap sits flat on the board so it doesn’t drag in the water.

Removeable Centre Fin:

Remove the box for an improved paddling experience without the added weight or drag.

Attach the box and mount the supplied Drake Shallow centre fin to prevent the board from drifting sideways when windsurfing and wingboarding.

Footstrap Inserts:

Make it easy to know where to position the feet and always be in the right spot to trim the board.

Removeable Mast Track:

For a flat deck in the paddle board mode.

Full Power Planing:

Our Wingboard 4-in-1 Inflatables feature our 3D Rail Edge technology, a proprietary 3D elastomer compound that follows the contours of the board and creates a release edge that allows the boards to fully plane yet fold and roll up.

Thanks to this 3D Rail Edge, you can accelerate and enjoy the most exciting planing sensation possible on an inflatable board.

Bungee Tie-Down:

A bungee tie down in front of the board, for storing gear and supplies.

The bungee is attached with 4 D-rings which can be used to clip on your bags and gear.

Re-Cover Shape:

Designed to minimize weight, yet maximize comfort and strength.

Roller wheels available on every bag make it more comfortable for a long walk.

Hiking strap is ergonomically curved to ensure good stability on the shoulders.