Starboard All Star - SUP
Starboard All Star - SUP
Starboard All Star - SUP
Starboard All Star - SUP
Starboard All Star - SUP
Starboard All Star - SUP
Starboard All Star - SUP
Starboard All Star - SUP
Starboard All Star - SUP
Starboard All Star - SUP
Starboard All Star - SUP
Starboard All Star - SUP
Starboard All Star - SUP
Starboard All Star - SUP
Starboard All Star - SUP

Starboard All Star

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Starboard All Star

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  • 14'0" x 24.5"
  • 14'0'' x 26.0''
  • 14'0'' x 28.0''


From entry level riders, to elite racers, the Starboard All Star is the world’s most winning versatile and user-friendly race design.

With board widths for all rider weights and skill levels. 24.5″ and wider are suited for heavier riders, while 23″ and below are for higher skilled and lighter riders.

Theh 2023 Design has a narrower nose and tail outline to give you faster acceleration, higher top speed and greater efficiency.

The driest and most efficient centre drainage system increases drainage speed by 50%, while reducing weight by 50%.

Higher rails increase secondary stability and control in chop, while preventing water entering in downwind.

Full Wood Carbon Construction:

Offers a full carbon construction that combines strength and weight at a truly competitive value.

Biaxial Carbon wraps the full deck and rail giving you excellent competitive weight and strength properties.

2 x carbon stringer on the deck provides additional impact and stiffness.

Extra glass reinforcements wrap the sharp edges and inside rails of the cockpit for extra rigidity and strength.

Available in 14'0" x 24.5", 14'0" x 26" and 14'0" x 28" and includes bag.



Size 14'0 14'0 14'0
Volume 335L 348L 331L
Width 24.5" / 62.2cm 26" / 66.0cm 28" / 71.1cm
Length 14'0" / 426.7cm 14'0" / 426.7cm 14'0" / 426.7cm
Thickness 10.8" / 27.4cm

10.7" / 27.2cm

8.5" / 21.6cm
Weight 13.8kg 14.2kg TBA
User Weight Up to 95kg Up to 105kg 80-110kg
Narrower Nose Outline:

Slices through the water with a cleaner entry, increasing acceleration and glide.

Refined Nose Volume:

Gives you more pop in choppy conditions, restricts the nose from getting caught downwind and reduces water entering into the standing area.

Higher Side Rails:

Ensure you have more control in choppier conditions, greater secondary stability and restricts water entering the inside when leaning on the rail downwind.

Soft Rail Edge:

At the tail increase overall glide, and is more manoeuverable to change direction and steer the board downwind.

Round Vee Bottom:

Delivers fast acceleration and top speed.

Concave Side Planes:

Provide stability, acting like stabilisers similar to a trimaran.

Boxy Rail:

Optimizes the outline to provide more pop from the increased side volume, stability is further improved, and rolling reduced.

Slightly Narrow Tail:

Increases acceleration and glide, helps lift the nose over swell upwind, is more reactive to turn direction downwind and easier to sink for buoy turns.

EVA Race Deflector:

Helps deflect water entering into the standing, keeping water weight off the board.

Also helps as a protection layer when tying the board onto roof racks.

EVA Trim Position:

When paddling downwind, there is a sweet spot between the blue and white pad to trim the board to continue catching bumps

In bigger chop, it is recommended to stand a bit further back to help the nose lift over bumps. In smaller chop, it is advised to stand further forwards to help reach as far forwards with the paddle to help pull the board over bumps and have greater control tracking.

Pre-Preg Carbon Fin:

The 3k pre-impregnated carbon biax is an ultra-lightweight weave and creates super stiff performance throughout the fin.

The trailing edge features a super sharp 0.4mm for clean hydrodynamics.

The new range of fins adds speed and performance like never before.

Fin Tips:

A longer centre fin like the Flash+ will provide greater stability and tracking in flat, while a smaller fin like the Flash will deliver more downwind manoeuverability.

Multiple Handle Positions:

Customise the handle placement for beach starts.

Centre Drainage:

The drainage has been moved from the rails to centre of the board resulting in:

Less water weight on the rails, reducing the water causing imbalances in lateral stability.

Faster drainage, we recorded up to 50% faster drainage time (drained in 18 strokes with center vs 39 strokes with rails).

50% reduction in weight change from 4 to 2 drainage holes

The standing area is much drier overall as less water enters when leaning on the rail to rail turn.

Carbon Drain Covers:

Recessed into the board for maximum efficiency, secured with improved sealant glue and additional clear tape around the edge.