Starboard Spice - SUP
Starboard Spice - SUP
Starboard Spice - SUP
Starboard Spice - SUP
Starboard Spice - SUP
Starboard Spice - SUP
Starboard Spice - SUP
Starboard Spice - SUP
Starboard Spice - SUP
Starboard Spice - SUP

Starboard Spice

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Starboard Spice

£1,199.00 GBP

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  • 7'11"
  • 8'2"
  • 8'8"
  • 9'3"


The Starboard Spice is an all new wave board that gives you incredible rail carving, impressive speed through sections and instant drive out of turns.

The design brief focused on offering more performance and progression than the Wedge, while being more user-friendly and forgiving than the Pro.

The all wave performance of the Spice allows it to handle a range of conditions, from small beach breaks to overhead point breaks.

From bevelled thin rails, wing tail, concave bottom shape, the design elements that make up this board work in harmony, giving you ride that syncs speed, power and flow.

From light to heavy, enthusiasts to pros, the Spice range offers a size for all.

Limited Series Construction:

Twin T-stringers made from glass fibre are positioned on the deck and bottom of the board close to the rail, providing a massive increase in the overall strength against total breakage in surf.

An additional wide layer of 200g glass wraps the rails for higher strength against paddle impact and further reinforces the overall strength against buckling.

The deck features reinforced biaxial glass and Australian pine, to resist heel dents and impact from the standing area.

The nose and tail are wrapped in multiple layers of glass fiber for further strength on these impact zones.

Available in 7'11" x 29", 8'2"  x 30.75", 8'8" x 32" and 9'3" x 32.75".



Size 7'11 8'2 8'8 9'3
Volume 106L 121L 140L 153L
Width 29” / 73.7 cm 30.75” / 78.1 cm 32" / 81.03cm 32.75” / 83.2 cm
Length 7’11” / 241.3 cm 8’2” / 248.9 cm 8’8” / 268.2 cm 9’3” / 281.9 cm
Thickness 4.2” / 10.7 cm 4.4” / 11.2 cm 4.7” / 11.9 cm 4.6" / 11.7 cm
Weight 8.0kg 9.0kg 9.7kg 10.2kg
User Weight 65-80kg 80-95kg 55-105kg 100-130kg
Bevelled Rail:

The bevel rail creates a narrower planing area, helping to generate more speed and acceleration down the line.

The angle of the bevel helps you toll the rail effortlessly, making the board very responsive to pump on the wave face and sink through carving turns.

The bevel creates a thinner more pinched rail so you don’t have to apply as much foot pressure to initiate turns.

Full Nose Outline:

Provides stability and extends the rail line for faster speed.

Pointed Nose Tip:

Pierces through waves and reduces swing weight through turns.

Thin Tapered Rail Profile Nose:

Helps reduce swing weight from the nose to enhance manoeuvrability and speed through turns.

Parallel Mid Section:

Helps engage the rail for good speed down the line.

Thicker Mid Section:

Provides float and carries speed down the line and momentum through smaller surf.


Smooth rocker has gradual nose and tail kick, offering the right combination of paddle speed and manoeuvrability.

The nose rocker prevents the nose diving getting into waves and from catching through turns, while the tail rocker helps lift the nose to pivot.

Bottom Shape:

Single concave provides lift and speed, feeding through to a double midsection and slight vee at the tail to manoeuvre and rock from rail to rail.

Wing Tail:

Creates a break in the rail line, maintaining stability forwards, while narrowing behind the wing to offer much more manoeuvrability.

Thinning at the Tail:

For maximum response, bite and control when stepping back.

Round Pin Tail:

Offers good drive and hold in bigger surf, yet good stability and manoeuvrability.

The round pin complements the looseness generated from the wing tail.

Five Fin Option:

Allows for quad, thruster and twin fin with small center nubster. You can choose your preferred fin set up based on riding style and wave conditions.

All models are supplied with a quad set up with 4.7 front and 4.5 rears.

The angles of the fins are updated, with more outward splay on the front fins for greater manoeuvrability with less angle in the rear for greater drive through turns.