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North Nova Pro
North Nova Pro
North Nova Pro
North Nova Pro
North Nova Pro

North Nova Pro

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North Nova Pro

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The North Nova Pro, with an industry-first ShiftLock Modular Track Mounting system and Carbon UDi Technology, is for riders ready to crank it up a level.

Riders who are bored of mowing the lawns; riders who just want to be out there carving lines in endless ocean swells, boosting or freestyling.

Designed to ignite your creativity and your desire to progress, the Nova Pro is light in your hands and efficient upwind.

It's advanced materials, tighter canopy and balanced tensioning provide perfect shape-hold in the upper wind range and improved light wind performance - for the best of both worlds.

  • Stable geometry
  • Active Twist wingtips
  • Tight and even canopy tensioning
  • Maximum low-end power and efficiency
  • Shape-hold in the upper wind range
  • Balanced trailering
  • Excels in any discipline
  • Stiffness where it counts
  • Forgiving landings
  • ShiftLock Modular Track Mounting System
  • Hybrid N-Weave45 Airframe
  • Hybrid Matrix Canopy
  • Carbon UDi Technology
  • Light and precise handling

Package includes Wing, Wrist Wing Leash, Bag, Repair Kit, Sonar T40 Tool.

*ShiftLock Handles sold separately.



ShiftLock is a re-invention of the Bolt Rope system used in sailing - the most common and robust method to fix a sail to a mast. We’ve adapted this method for wing-foiling, using a double bolt-rope track. To prove the system’s strength and durability, we’ve carried out cyclic load and on-water testing for two years without failure or excessive wear. ShiftLock has a breaking load of well over 710kg. We’ve also kept the system light in weight. Two 500mm ShiftLock Carbon handles (with the track) are lighter than two standard 500mm wing handles. The rigid Carbon ShiftLock handles (sold separately) react instantly to your input, while the soft TPU handle ends help protect you and your board. There are four handle lengths, from the single 1100 boom to the 500, 400, and 250 mm handles.

Hybrid N-Weave 45 Airframe:

The Nova Pro features our high-tensile N-Weave45 material in the strut and the LE centre segment, for stiffness where you need it.

Hybrid Matrix Canopy:

The extra load-carrying capacity of the Hybrid Matrix canopy contributes to the high-performance feel of the Nova Pro and increases the wind range, while the lighter canopy material means less tension in the front for a cleaner airfoil profile.

Carbon UDi Technology:

For a more reactive wing that snaps back into shape faster, we’ve introduced anti-deflection uni-directional carbon tapes inside the LE.

Light and Precise Handling:

A progressive swept outline and refined profile section, make the Nova Pro easy to handle and stable in every wind range.

Active Twist Wingtips:

To counteract the greater canopy and frame stiffness and to ensure the wing remains stable at the top end, we’ve tapered the leading-edge diameter toward the wing tips.

Maximum Low End:

The curvature in the profile section generates more lift in the front of the wing, making transitions smoother and boosting Nova Pro's low-end power when combined with improved canopy tensioning.

Dual Hyperflow Inflation Valves:

There are two main valves, one on the LE and one on the strut, with an interlinking valve and hose. This enables you to inflate the strut to a higher pressure than the leading edge, so you can adjust for the conditions and your style of riding (and deflate your wing faster).

Radial Load Diffusor:

The radial load diffuser reinforces the end of the strut, and the wingtips, helping to distribute tension more evenly in defined load directions across the canopy. Ultimately, this creates a cleaner canopy with less distortion, which results in reduced drag.

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