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North Nova

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The North Nova Freeride is a balanced, easy-to-use all-round wing with a wide wind range, low end power, high-end stability, and light, intuitive handling. For 2024, North introduced Carbon UDi Technology into the wingtips, stiffening the airframe and enabling it to snap back into  shape faster after tricks and manoeuvres. North have also changed the draft position and depth, making the wing even more balanced and user-friendly.

Your front and back arm pressure is even with the Nova, not backhand-heavy. The wingtip geometry and balanced dihedral also prevent oscillation side-to-side when gripping the front handle, riding downwind swell, surfing, or simply walking towards the water.

The new N-X6 Trailing Edge panel and Radial Load Diffuser ensure more even tensioning and a tighter canopy for enhanced performance.

In the smaller sizes (2.5m-5m), the Nova is extremely efficient at transferring wind power into forward drive and features a linear power delivery throughout the entire wind range. The 1.9m Nova is designed for lighter riders and kids (under 50kg). Being so small, this wing is already depowered. So, North have given it a more neutral angle of attack, enabling lighter riders to wing comfortably in any conditions.

Master of the lumps and bumps, upwind glide, roll through tacks, float through gybes, or lofty jumps with bonus hangtime. Whatever goal you’re chasing, the Nova will send you there faster.


Rigid Handles:

Radically transform the way you ride with increased control and reduced hand-fatigue. New rigid GripLock microtrimming control handles offer a faster, more immediate, and more direct balance adjustment.

Smooth High End Stability:

In the smaller sizes (2.5m-5m), the Nova is extremely efficient at transferring wind power into forward drive and features a linear power delivery throughout the entire wind range.

Tip Strike Recovery:

The lower aspect ratio and compact outline means you’re less likely to catch a wingtip in the water. 

GeoStrut controlled curvature exoskeleton:

The ergonomic curved strut increases stiffness and performance, creating a more stable centre profile that can still depower and produce less lift when you're towing the wing. The concave side of the curve creates a stiffer frame.

Radial Panel Cuts:

Radial cut panels at the end of the GeoStrut distribute large amounts of load across the canopy in defined load directions. Radial cut panels help align the stronger weave of the canopy to the stress pattern to prevent distortion and help keep the weight in check.

XLT Joint Large Diameter Connection:

The extra-large T-Joint is the structural frame joining the leading edge and strut in the shape of the letter T. The T-joint has a larger diameter for optimum stiffness, enabling a lightweight and direct connection to the canopy without deformation.

Dual HyperFlow rapid inflation /deflation system:

Double speed high volume single point inflation system with larger diameter inlet/outlet hose for rapid inflation and deflation. Bayonet style main inflation valve compatible with most pumps. No adapter needed. Two HyperFlow Inflation hoses on each side of the strut provide twice the rate of airflow on deflation and inflation. The two connections also help to lock the front of the bladder in place, providing support on both sides of the strut where the bladder is attached.

Tow Friendly Depower:

A soft knuckle-guard pad under the depower handle allows you to lock your knuckles up against the leading edge for extra stability when towing. A tow-friendly wing shape with sweep and dihedral also helps keep it tracking on the wave.

Kevlar Strut Connection:

A biaxial kevlar (aramid) fibre layer provides internal strength and reinforcement to the connection between strut and leading edge. It is bias cut, so it can flex around the curvature of the strut, with a tight and accurate fit.

Griplock Handles and Intuitive Y-Handles:

Maintain a stiff and firm connection to your wing with ergonomic elliptical sandwich technology handles designed from a combination of multi-layer foam with reinforcement running through the centre. The internal reinforcement is sewn within the handle to the strut, creating a strong, wobble-free connection with just enough stiffness for the handle to maintain its shape. The elliptical/hexagonal foam shape is more twist-resistant to the webbing around it, and the softer webbing material is comfortable in your hands, has very little twist in the handle, but is still flexible enough to fold up and pack away easily. The low-profile handles are positioned in the prime location for centre of effort, and in the best place to trim the wing and make transitions more intuitive. The Y-handles allow you to move from kneeling to standing and perform transitions and tricks more intuitively.

Premium Teijin D2 TechnoForce Canopy:

High performance D2 Ripstop Fabric by Teijin. Premium high-density canopy material made in Japan, using high tenacity polyester yarn for lightness, high tearing strength and endurance. Teijin TechnoForce has the highest strength to weight ratio and longest durability in the industry.

Dacron canopy reinforcement:

Chasing a stiffer rig, we moved to an ultra-strong Dacron canopy reinforcement that is different to that used in our kites and capable of high inflation pressure. We've also built stiffness into the design through the load distribution on the frame when it's in flight.

LiteVision XS skylite panels:

Safer XS skylite panels improve the rider’s field of vision – allowing you to see what's downwind of you before transitions. The windows are positioned in just the right place for a safer riding experience, without adding unnecessary weight and complexity to the design.

Duralite Scuff Guard:

Durable STPU scuff protection on the wing tips and seams. This is the same fabric used in the DuraLite seam protection on our North Kites.

On-and-Off Water Performance:

The rise of winging is not limited to wing-foiling. Use the Nova to power up your skateboard, mountainboard, snowboard, skis or SUP.

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