Aztron Triple Action SUP Pump - SUP
Aztron Triple Action SUP Pump - SUP
Aztron Triple Action SUP Pump - SUP

Aztron Triple Action SUP Pump

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Aztron Triple Action SUP Pump

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The Aztron Triple Action Pump is a purpose-built high-pressure pump designed to easily inflate your iSUPs to pressure up to 20 PSI. The unique structure with two compression tubes is powerful and highly efficient.

It has three different operating modes to keep inflation easy at any stage. The Double Action on 2 cylinder helps quickly inflate the SUP up to 5 PSI. The Single Action on 2 cylinder mode makes you inflate to 10 PSI at moderate pace. The Single Action on 1 cylinder boot the last inflation phase up to maximum 20 PSI with less effort. This is definitely a lifesaver for the board setup!

  • Rapid inflate and deflate with switch
  • Control panel with 3 different modes High Capacity: 0-4 psi Medium Pressure: 5-9 psi Maximum Pressure: 10-20 psi
  • Capacity of 2*3200 cm3
  • 20% more efficient thanks to the Double Cylinder system
  • Fixed hose and manometer position when inflating
  • Palm grip for comfortable and easier pumping
  • Wider foot base for stability when pumping
  • 64 x 34 x 10cm