Aztron E-Pump - SUP
Aztron E-Pump - SUP
Aztron E-Pump - SUP
Aztron E-Pump - SUP
Aztron E-Pump - SUP
Aztron E-Pump - SUP

Aztron E-Pump

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Aztron E-Pump

£99.95 GBP

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Take your portable friend everywhere and pump up your SUP in less than 15 minutes.

The Aztron E-pump has a LED panel to show exactly the pressure psi. An integrated digital pressure gauge is included to inform you of pumping progress and you can set a PSI value as a target. The pump shuts off once the desired pressure is reached or after 20 minutes of operation to avoid any damages.

The construction of the E-pump uses marine grade ABS and nylon material and is specially designed to withstand salt water corrosion.

The E-pump plugs into the cigarette lighter outlet of your car. It can inflate watercraft from 1PSI up to 16PSI and takes only 10 minutes to reach that maximum capacity.

  • Electric pump inflates iSUP 33% faster than regular hand pump
  • Auto-shut off function
  • Including one 1.34 metre air hose that prevents damage and air leaks
  • 12V cigaratte light outlet. Car battery of 15A
  • Just dial 1-16 psi to set the desired pressure 
  • 2-stage power: 75 l/min air flow rate and 50l/min at high pressure
  • Valve adapters are included