How To: Replace a Halkey Roberts Valve

How To: Replace a Halkey Roberts Valve - SUP

Whether you want to or not, maintenance and keeping your SUP in tip-tip conditions is what gives your board a longer life.

Replacing your SUP Valve after years of use will keep your inflation stronger for longer.

We explain here how to replace the infamous Halkey Roberts Valve.

Halkey Roberts boat valves are made in two parts: the nut on the inside of the SUP board and the valve itself that screws into the nut from the outside of the board. Tightening the two parts together creates an airtight seal that can easily hold 20 PSI of pressure. Replacing a valve is a pretty straight forward procedure and will approximately take 2 minutes. In the following 4 steps we will tell you exactly what to do when you want to replace the Halkey Roberts valve on your SUP board.

Step 1: The Tools

The first step is to gather the right tools for the job. Do not use any tools that are not designed for removing a Halkey Roberts Valve! This can permanently damage your board! You will need the grey tool that normally comes with your SUP board. You can find it in the orange repair kit container.

Step 2: The Tools

Grab the grey tool from the orange container and press it firmly on the Valve. Start unscrewing the valve counter-clockwise until it is loose enough. When the valve is loose enough you can just use your hands to unscrew the final part and take out the valve.

Step 3: Fitting a new Valve

Make sure the area around the hole is clean and undamaged. If there are strings coming out the hole you grab some scissors and cut them off. Keep in mind that any dirt or strings getting stuck between the valve and the nut will damage the airtight seal permanently. Check if the Halkey Roberts valve that you are going to screw back into place is completely clean and undamaged. Centre the nut inside the hole and place back your new valve on the nut. Screw it back on the inner part while holding the bottom of your sup board to support nut and valve.

Step 4: Checking your new Valve

Now that the valve is back in place tighten it up firmly still using the tool. Remove the tool from the valve and pump up your sup board to 18-20psi. Leave your board inflated and wait approximately 4 hours before checking if your board has lost any air. Is your board still on the same pressure? Congratulations, you successfully replaced your Halkey Roberts valve and you are ready to get back on the water!