Top tips to store your SUP

Top tips to store your SUP - SUP

It's the end of the season for some parts of the world. Jobe let's us in on some top tips to store your SUP and keep it fresh for your next session.

Rinse out your gear and clean it:

Once you had the last run on your lake, river, ocean or what ever aquatic location you call your second home, you need to clean your gear.

Rinse out your gear with some fresh water (preferably not the boiling hot kind) and in the case of your wetsuits, it’s best to use a wetsuit shampoo.

This will wash out all the bacteria which you have gathered over a full season on the water.

It needs to be a dry as the Sahara:

This will speak for itself but dry your gear and leave it alone for a while to let it dry really well.

This goes for everything, whether it’s a wetsuit, kneeboard or a pair of bindings. You don’t want to store your gear and find out that after half a season the stuff has gotten mold on it.

Not only does it stink, no one likes to open a bag and find an entire mold civilization on their stuff, which takes extra cleaning.

Store it away properly:

Is your stuff clean and dry? GOOD! Store it away somewhere without too much humidity and away from sunlight. A good drybag or wakeboard trailer bag should do the trick just fine for the storage.

Oh yeah, this should go without saying: make sure the bags are clean and dry as well.

Grab your stuff and have a rip!:

After half a season of fighting off Christmas songs, eating as much as possible and waking up from you winter slumber, it’s time to get out there again!

Grab your gear and start to ride again! Let’s just hope your wetsuit still fits!