Casper Steinfath wins APP World Tour 2019

Casper Steinfath wins APP World Tour 2019 - SUP

The APP World Tour 2019 just saw the latest event last weekend in Paris with the SUP Open event.

It was very a tight battle between Arthur Arutkin and Casper Steinfath during the whole APP event season.

But it’s official: Denmark’s Casper Steinfath clinched his maiden World Title in Paris amidst a raucous welcome on the riverbanks from a solid contingent of Danish fans. With a second place in the sprints on Day 1, it really came down to what 2018 World Champion Arthur Arutkin could do today, needing to win the distance in order to have a shot at the Title.

Unfortunately for the young French talent, a disappointing finish in the sprints yesterday led to a strong start in the distance today, as he stuck with the pack for the first half of the course, but seemed to hit a wall around the midway point, falling back in the race and out of contention for the 2019 World Title.

With that being the case, Casper Steinfath was able to finish his race on the river Seine in the knowledge that he is the all new 2019 Overall Racing World Champion: an incredible achievement to cap what has been an incredible year for the Dane.

Top 5 APP World Tour Race 2019 Overall:

1. Casper Steinfath

2. Arthur Arutkin

3. Michael Booth

4. Martin Vitry

5. Noic Garioud

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