Tahe Breeze HP2 Pro - SUP
Tahe Breeze HP2 Pro - SUP
Tahe Breeze HP2 Pro - SUP
Tahe Breeze HP2 Pro - SUP
Tahe Breeze HP2 Pro - SUP
Tahe Breeze HP2 Pro - SUP
Tahe Breeze HP2 Pro - SUP
Tahe Breeze HP2 Pro - SUP
Tahe Breeze HP2 Pro - SUP
Tahe Breeze HP2 Pro - SUP
Tahe Breeze HP2 Pro - SUP

Tahe Breeze HP2 Pro

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Tahe Breeze HP2 Pro

£1,699.00 GBP

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The Tahe Breeze Full HP2 Pro is a high-pressure high-performance two-seater inflatable kayak with excellent rigidity that can comfortably accommodate two adult paddlers plus equipment for camping, fishing, etc.

You can also configure it as a single-seater (adjustable seat positions) making extra storage space available at the same time.

As standard with a full range of quality fixtures and fittings: two ergonomically designed seats with high backrests to ensure a comfortable ride and full support for your back. A full-deck EVA foam pad guarantees maximum comfort. Two strap-mounted foot rests mean you can paddle long distances efficiently and comfortably. Its ingenious rudder system means you can hold your course easily or steer the kayak using the foot rests.

Excellent glide and voluminous interior storage space means the Breeze Full HP Pro can take you on adventures far from the beaten track.

The Breeze Full HP range marks a big leap forwards in inflatable kayak design, with a panelled structure using Drop Stitch technology. These ultra-stiff inflated sections, mounted together onto pre-formed bow and stern mouldings result in a super-rigid combination, and performance that leaves nothing to be desired compared to equivalent fully-rigid models. 

  • Panelled high pressure inflated drop stitch structure for rigidity, light weight, toughness
  • Fusion-sealed fabric manufacture with high performance glues with ultra-strong seams for durability
  • Profiled hull design (V-shaped moulded bow and stern sections) for excellent glide and steerability
  • Ingenious rudder system enables you to hold a course and steer the kayak using the foot rests
  • Stable and versatile design to suit all styles
  • Elasticated storage nets front and rear allows you to safely transport extra equipment
  • Whole deck EVA foam pad ensuring maximum comfort
  • Double-speed high pressure pump for fast full inflation in less than 8 minutes thanks to high-pressure H3 valve
  • Auto-empty bung clears water quickly and easily
Package Includes:
  • 1x Breeze Full HP2 PRO kayak
  • 2x Seats
  • Removable rudder and its control system by pedals
  • 2x Footrests
  • 1x High Pressure Pump with Gauge
  • 1x Carry-All Backpack
  • 1x Repair Kit


Size HP2 Pro
Capacity 2x Adults
Width 33.8" / 86cm
Length 15'5 / 473cm
Weight TBA
Max Load 600lbs / 202kg
Material HP Dropstitch