SIC Maui Raptor Launch - SUP
SIC Maui Raptor Launch - SUP
SIC Maui Raptor Launch - SUP
SIC Maui Raptor Launch - SUP
SIC Maui Raptor Launch - SUP
SIC Maui Raptor Launch - SUP
SIC Maui Raptor Launch - SUP

SIC Maui Raptor Launch

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SIC Maui Raptor Launch

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Lightweight, built to last, with the first-ever seamless Ace-Tec construction, the SIC Raptor Launch 5.8 is here to break down barriers in the wing-foiling world. The Raptor Launch 5.8 AT is perfect for beginner and intermediate larger-size wing foilers.

From the mind of master shaper/designer Mark Raaphorst the Raptor Launch is SIC's newest foil board created using our Ace-Tec construction. An exciting challenge for Mark, this is the first board he has shaped manufactured in Ace-Tec technology. The finished product is revolutionary, and Mark is excited about the doors it will open for new wing foilers, casual weekend warriors, and intermediate larger-size foilers looking for a board that will stand the test of time.

The full nose outline and straight tail rocker provide paddling stability without sacrificing performance. The rear foil placement and bottom chine provide easy lift-off and forgiveness during learning touchdowns. The double-slotted box allows for more secure mounting of the foil, and the diamond-grove textured EVA pad provides traction and grip when turning. Narrower foot strap placement is ideal for wing foiling allowing for dynamic turning.

SIC seamless Ace-Tec product is manufactured in France, which helps them maintain a constant drive for innovation and control in the material they use. Ace-Tec Manufacturing is eco-friendly with low energy consumption, includes recycling all their manufacturing off-cuts and has zero polluting/toxic emissions. Their EPS cores are also made on-site, ensuring zero waste. No auto-obsolesces in our products as we ensure tough, durable long-life equipment.

  • 5'8" x 28.0" x 110 Litres
  • ACE-TEC (AT) Seamless Construction - For lightweight, durability with new no-seam construction for comfort
  • Bottom Chine - For smooth lift-off and forgiving touchdowns
  • Narrow Foot Strap Placement - For wing foiling and more dynamic turning
  • Full Nose Outline and Straight Tail Rocker - Providing stability while paddling and touchdowns
  • Rear Foil Placement and Volume Distribution - For easy launching
  • Double Slotted Fin Box Tracks for Plate Mount System - For secure mounting of foil
  • Diamond groove textured EVA pad for traction and grip


Size 5'8
Volume 110L
Width 28.0" / 71.1cm
Length 5'8 / 172.7cm
Thickness 5.2'' / 13.3cm
Weight 17lbs / 7.7kg
Mastfoot Insert No