RRD Beluga Dynamic Foil Wing Package - Powerkiteshop
RRD Beluga Dynamic Foil Wing Package - Powerkiteshop
RRD Beluga Dynamic Foil Wing Package - Powerkiteshop
RRD Beluga Dynamic Foil Wing Package - Powerkiteshop
RRD Beluga Dynamic Foil Wing Package - Powerkiteshop
RRD Beluga Dynamic Foil Wing Package - Powerkiteshop

RRD Beluga Dynamic Foil Wing Package

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RRD Beluga Dynamic Foil Wing Package

£1,399.00 GBP

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  • 4.5m
  • 5.5m
  • 6.5m
  • 5'1
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This carefully selected package deal has been designed to get the most out of the equipment and get you into Wingsurfing as quickly as possible.

The RRD Beluga Foil wing package brings the acclaimed performance of the worlds favourite starter wing with an easy to use board and foil setup that is designed to progress beyond your level when you need it.

Available in a number of different size configurations with the  dynamic performance foil system to get you up and riding with speed and quick carving turns.

Package includes:
  • RRD EVO Wing 4.5m, 5.5m or 6.5m Wing
  • RRD Beluga 165, 170 or 175 Litre board
  • RRD Universal Aluminium Foil with 85cm mast
  • RRD Foil Wing Pump
  • RRD Backpack
RRD EVO Foil Wing:

The Evo Wing is completely functional and purposefully designed to provide you with an overall experience. The new long and wide handles will make you fall in love with the ease of use in manoeuvres, while the arrow outline of the EVO cuts the wind in pace, allowing a faster and better cross and upwind ride and with the new large windows you will have ample visibility.

RRD Beluga:

The Beluga feels free and manoeuverable making it your preferred all rounder. The rails, with a pronounced bevel, allows you to have a larger area to position your feet and less bottom surface to reduce the drag during touch downs. A pronounced kicker on the tail makes you fly in no time when pumping it and keep control during your tricks.

The Beluga is fun to ride both in flatwater and in waves, it simply does the job whatever the conditions throw at you!

RRD Dynamic Aluminium Mast:

The Dynamic Aluminium foil set is a no compromise foil set. Each component is simply in a league of its own with a hydrodynamic performance that suits the most demanding wing, surf and kite foilers.

There is no limit of fun in whatever conditions you may be riding in as you have a solid platform under your feet which gives that extra confidence for every level of riding.

RRD Dynamic Front Wing Size:

The purpose-built Dynamic 1500 provides you with a combo to perform in light wind or smaller waves. For wingfoiling, it is a true control machine with exceptional speed and manoeuverability. Recommended for wingfoil riders between 70-100 kg, lightwind kite foilers and heavier weight surf foilers of over 90 kg.

The Dynamic 1200 is a “must have” if you are a surf-foil addict. This exciting new design is able to carve and hit any wave section without losing control. You will spend hours in the water and catch tons of waves. It has outstanding speed but still an accessible feel and response. It can be used by every rider who has great confidence with surf foiling. When used for wing foiling, its purpose is to ride proper waves or for freestyle in stronger winds. For kite foiling it excels in freeride mode and it is a playful tool for waves. Recommended for kite freeride and heavy duty use for both surf and wing foil (riders weight between 70 – 85 kg).

The Dynamic 900 is best suited for expert surf and wingfoilers who want to ride big and push beyond their level. You’ll benefit from its tremendous Vmax and precise radiuses during turns. It is all about control, carving and gliding with incredible stability and predictability at a great average speed. Recommended for kitefoil freeride and wave use and for expert surf-foilers and wingfoilers (riders weight between 65 – 89 kg).