Jobe Duna Elite Package - SUP
Jobe Duna Elite Package - SUP
Jobe Duna Elite Package - SUP
Jobe Duna Elite Package - SUP
Jobe Duna Elite Package - SUP
Jobe Duna Elite Package - SUP
Jobe Duna Elite Package - SUP
Jobe Duna Elite Package - SUP
Jobe Duna Elite Package - SUP
Jobe Duna Elite Package - SUP
Jobe Duna Elite Package - SUP
Jobe Duna Elite Package - SUP
Jobe Duna Elite Package - SUP
Jobe Duna Elite Package - SUP
Jobe Duna Elite Package - SUP
Jobe Duna Elite Package - SUP
Jobe Duna Elite Package - SUP

Jobe Duna Elite Package

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Jobe Duna Elite Package

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The Jobe 11.6 Duna Elite inflatable SUP is perfect for those touring days! Once inflated, the Duna Elite is light and stiff due to Jobe's Heat Bonded Technology and new X-Stitching Construction.

The boards shape ensure maneuverability and gliding speed on the water for those longer tours. To make sure the Duna is durable, Jobe have added an extra layer on the rails and centre of the board.

When you buy a Duna Elite Aero Range, you can expect something extra! The Premium Range comes with extra features which are unique to this collection, making it the best of the best! 

Wider and Longer Deckpad:

The Elite Aero Range comes with an extra wide deckpad, this gives you more freedom of movement on the SUP and gives you added room to take someone along for the ride. The centre part is covered with soft EVA for a comfortable ride and the back of our deckpad has diamond pattern for added grip to initiate fast turning.

Sandwich Railtape:

The Elite series comes with a sandwich railtape for less weight and more response. But Jobe didn’t stop there,
they also added an additional railtape over the bottom seam. This prevents any leakage of air, giving you the most durable SUP out there.

Carbon Rail:

Providing extra stiffness, more durability and of course a high-end finish that is a lust for the eye.

Tip and Tail Handles:

A tip and tail handle make this product that much easier to get out of the water. The tip and tail handles are smoothly integrated into the design of the SUP board. Jobe have used a neoprene pad on the inside of the handle for a comfortable grip.

Double Stringer:

Jobe was ahead of the game with 1 stringer on the board but now Jobe have added another stringer on the bottom of the SUP. This makes for more stiffness and keeps a better rocker shape in the board. The double stringers are placed for extra stiffness and more control, this also supports the rocker of the board making sure the SUP keeps its shape.

Hook System:

Adapt your board to the next tour you’re going to make. Attach the cargo net or a drybag to your board. Whether
you need big storage or just your bottle of water, the hook system adapts easily.


An innovative channel system which makes for a straighter line forward and gives you better traction on the water. 2 strategically placed channels are placed underneath the feet, for faster turning and improved traction. A special center channel setup has also been placed to centre out the board and reduce the times you have to switch from sides with paddling.

New Stream Paddle:

The Duna Elite come with a lighter, stiffer and better paddle; a fiberglass paddle with 100% carbon elements. It’s
three-piece adjustable making it easy to carry with you or store in a (SUP)bag. The Anti Twist System on the paddle puts an end to additional forces by locking your adjustable system.

Package contains:

Aero Elite Duna SUP Board 11.6, stream 100% carbon 3-piece paddle, 1x big Waterproof backpack with hooks to connect your backpack onto your board, 1x small drybag with hooks to connect to your board, additional touring fin, triple action pump, Padded Quick Release Waist Belt and 10ft / 3.04m coiled leash

  • Dimensions: 11'6" x 31" x 6" | 350 x 78.8 x 15cm
  • Package weight: 16kg | 35.2lbs 
  • Board weight: 11kg | 24.2 lbs
  • Recommended rider weight: Up to 150kg | 330 lbs
  • Volume: 324 litre
  • Heat bonded technology: more layer quality and safety
  • Jobe Non-slip EVA foam pattern, allows comfortable long term SUPing
  • Lightweight X-dropstitching construction
  • Sandwich railtape with carbon sidewall
  • Stringer on top and bottom
  • Removable bungee storage net 
  • Waterproof front bag and waterproof tail backpack that are connectable to the d-rings 
  • Flat leash loop 
  • Easy-to-carry neoprene handle with paddle holder 
  • Halkey Roberts Valve 
  • 8" EZ lock fin 
  • D-ring on tip and tail
  • Nose rocker: 9"
  • 1x front fin and 2 middle fins underneath the standing position for extra grip and traction
  • Tail rocker: 0" 


Size 11'6  
Volume 324L  
Width 31" / 78.7cm  
Length 11'6" / 350.0cm  
Thickness  6" / 15cm  
Weight  24.2lbs / 
Rider Weight < 150kg  
Heat Bonded Technology:

The Jobe Aero Sup board range is enginneered with a high density of nylon threads on the inside, fused to a solid PVC-coated base cloth by pre-laminated heat bonded technology. This technology holds the laminate drop stitch inside to the second layers with controlled heat performed by a machine, removing all human error and flaws.

Jobe have taken a layer of drop stitch reinforcement to protect the base cloth and a second drop stitch reinforcement layer to strengthen the board to its max. On top of these layers, a PVC-coat nylon base is used to guarantee the Jobe Aero Inflatable's durability.

All layers are well-connected due to thermos-assembled methods performed by high-tech machines under controlled conditions, saving almost 2kg in weight compared to traditional double layer application methods. All these processes together create the perfect blend between shape, looks, durability and weight. Another important fact to add is that Heat Bonded Technology highly reduces the use of glue which is better for the environment.

In short Jobe Boards are 2kg lighter, stiffer, stronger, keep their shape, float easier trough the water, more airtight and most importantly super durable.