Slingshot I-Fly / Javelin + Hover Glide Package

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Slingshot I-Fly / Javelin + Hover Glide Package

£1,999.00 GBP

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Wing Size:
  • 4.0m
  • 4.5m
  • 5.0m
  • 5.5m
Board Size:
  • 90L
  • 105L
  • 120L
  • 140L


Slingshot are pleased to offer this cost effective Wing Foil Package, great for beginners or riders wanting an effective way to travel with their kit.

Package Includes:
  • I-Fly inflatable Wing Board - 90L, 105, 120 and 140 Litre option
  • Javelin V1 - 4.0m, 4.5m, 5.0m or 5.5m Wing
  • Carbon Javelin Adjustable Boom
  • Hover Glide F-Pump Foil with Quantum 100 and 42cm Stabiliser wings

The Slingshot I-Fly V1 inflatable foil board is lightweight and packable with a large carbon-fibre foil plate on the bottom that provides a stiff and reactive foiling performance you can take anywhere. The I-FLY V1 comes with tri-footstrap inserts that allow for limitless progression along with a leash attachment and ¾-length deck pad. The large carbon-fibre track plate provides a direct board-to-foil feel while the lightweight nature of the inflatable results in minimal swing weight in the nose.

Javelin Wing:

The Javelin boom wing delivers a stunning level of power and control with simple and secure push pin boom connectivity. Featuring an ultra-compact wingspan and on-the-fly power tuning using the canopy tensioning strap to flatten or expand the wings profile. Whether you are cruising one-handed with style, riding backwinded or trying to keep the wingtips out of the water, the advantage is clear.

Hover Glide F-Pump Foil:

The F-Pump foil delivers massive amounts of lift that will have you pumping effortlessly across the water, riding the smallest of waves imaginable, foiling on the lightest wind days possible, and looking like an all-around hero at your next dock or beachside BBQ.