Fanatic Ray Air Pocket - SUP
Fanatic Ray Air Pocket - SUP
Fanatic Ray Air Pocket - SUP
Fanatic Ray Air Pocket - SUP
Fanatic Ray Air Pocket - SUP
Fanatic Ray Air Pocket - SUP
Fanatic Ray Air Pocket - SUP
Fanatic Ray Air Pocket - SUP

Fanatic Ray Air Pocket

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Fanatic Ray Air Pocket

£649.00 GBP

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The ultra travel-friendly touring Ray Air Pocket is built in a tough but light construction that allows it to be packed into a backpack half the size of a regular iSUP.

With a thinner deck pad and tough but flexible construction, the Ray Air Pocket Edition can be rolled and packed into a much narrower bag, making it extremely easy to store and transport.

Based on the highly versatile Ray Air 11’6’’, the efficient shape is packed with volume - offering safe, stable paddling and superb glide – which makes it the perfect iSUP for everyone paddling some distance.

With its minimal weight and dimensions nothing comes close the convenient handling of our Pocket Edition iSUPs!

Lightweight technology and an ingenious folding system with new coloured rail reinforcements, the Ray Air Pocket is produced with the best Dropstitch material available on the market and a state-of-the-art manufacturing process for an unequalled pressure/rigidity ratio. The Diamond Grooving foam pad, separated in two parts to facilitate folding, offers absolute comfort. Fanatic and its Mico technology offers an unbeatable value for money, while making transport even easy.

Ultra portable with its ingenious folding system, the Fly Air Pocket is nevertheless powerful thanks to its construction in micro technology, its 31" (78cm) wide and its 15cm thick, suitable for all sizes up to 100kg!

  • Drop Stitch Micro technology
  • First layer of PVC on the rail for higher stiffness
  • Stringer of PVC to stiffen the central part of the board
  • Second layer of PVC on the classic rail
  • Diamond-shaped pad for more comfort
  • First layer of classic PVC
  • Wheely Backpack for effortless packing and transportation
  • Fanatic Power Pump HP2 for fast and comfortable inflation


Size 11'6
Volume 299L
Width 31" / 78cm
Length 11'6 / 350.5cm
Thickness 6.0" / 15cm
User Weight < 100kg
Mastfoot Insert No