Duotone Strider SLS
Duotone Strider SLS
Duotone Strider SLS
Duotone Strider SLS
Duotone Strider SLS
Duotone Strider SLS
Duotone Strider SLS
Duotone Strider SLS
Duotone Strider SLS

Duotone Strider SLS

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Duotone Strider SLS

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The Duotone Strider SLS Pump Foil Board is designed for foiling straight off the dock.

The Striders compact shape makes it the perfect size for pumping without having to worry about any unnecessary swing weight, allowing you to stay up on the foil for longer. The flat rocker from tail to front foot ensures efficient pumping with maximum projection. The shape is short, but still features sufficient length to make starts easy to control and a small nose flick enables recovery when touching down.

The rails are comfortable to hold and the durable full 3K Carbon construction with solid high-density core makes the board stiff and responsive.

The clean and very slightly recessed deck offers a great connection to the foil in maneuvers and allows for quick adjustments of your feet when required.

Available in one dedicated size of 3‘4’’ x 16“ and 14l volume, the flotation is sufficient to push up under your body when paddling back to the dock once dropped.

The Strider SLS stands out as our dedicated pump board, tailored for all levels of pump foilers, ensuring an unparalleled Foiling experience whether you’re just looking for some after-work fun or chasing personal mileage records.

  • 3'4" / 102cm / 14 Litres


Size 3'4
Volume 14L
Width 16" / 41cm
Length 3'4" / 102cm
Thickness 1.7" / 4.3cm
Weight 2.75kg
User Weight > 25kg
Mastfoot Insert TBA
High Density Core:

High density core with solid Carbon finish for strength and rigidity.

Recessed Deck:

Slightly recessed deck for a closer connection to the foil.

Carbon / PVC Technology:

Duotone full Carbon/PVC technology offers a very durable yet lightweight construction with stiff and responsive feel and an exclusive clear Carbon finish.

Perfect for low volume shapes like the Strider SLS, focusing on a blend of durability and weight.


Low rocker from tail to front foot.