Aztron Orion - SUP
Aztron Orion - SUP
Aztron Orion - SUP
Aztron Orion - SUP
Aztron Orion - SUP
Aztron Orion - SUP
Aztron Orion - SUP
Aztron Orion - SUP
Aztron Orion - SUP
Aztron Orion - SUP
Aztron Orion - SUP
Aztron Orion - SUP

Aztron Orion

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Aztron Orion

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The Aztron Orion 8’6″ air surf SUP is a great all-rounder and is able to handle all sorts of wave conditions. It is built around a high-performance, yet traditional surf board shape that excels in most conditions from small to large waves.

The 4.75″ (12cm) thickness and curvy outline makes the Orion more maneuverable than most inflatable surf boards and is the key to its unique do it all abilities.

The signature Aztron Double Double construction, curved front rocker, tri-fin system and the most advanced digital printing graphic technique completes one of the most impressive surf boards in the range.

It also offers a great paddling experience for lighter paddlers.

Ideal for riders up to 209lbs / 95kg.

  • Double chamber LITE Tech with 150L inner chamber for basic safety buoyancy
  • Double Layer Fusion Tech on drop-stitch fabric: 25% lighter
  • Classic surf shape is the guarantee for a great all-round surf SUP
  • Curved rocker outline to keep above water and is easy to catch waves
  • Double Double Technology (Double Chamber and Double Layer Fusion fabric) gives a light, yet robust construction with more stiffness and power 
  • Advanced digital graphic printing technique for maximum visual impact 
  • 5mm thick diamond grooving EVA footpad for ultimate grip and extra comfort
  • Tail kick pad helps to lift the nose during turns 
  • Centre grab handle in nylon with rubber pad provides comfort and easy transport
  • Tri-fin set up: 9-inch US center fin with two 4.5-inch slide-in fins gives rider options to switch between surfing or paddling mode 
  • Ready-to-Go Accessory Pack: including SUP gear backpack, Aztron double action pump, 7ft safety leash and Style aluminum adjustable paddle


Size 8'6"
Volume 170L
Width 29" / 74cm
Length 8'6" / 259.0cm
Thickness  4.75" / 12.0cm
Weight 8kg /
Recommended Rider Weight 95kg / 165lbs
Max Rider Weight < 90kg / 198lbs
Aztron Style

The Aztron Style 2.0 Aluminum paddle is the perfect choice of top quality and value.

With a 3-section adjustable design, it ensures every paddler-no matter his or her size, is able to have a go.

The outstanding new design delivers maximum visual appearances.

Upgrade Blade Shape and Structure

Aztron have decided to reduce the Style blades surface, with the smaller and slimmer profile, you can maximize the efficiency of your stroke with minimal shoulder stress.

Adjustable Shaft and T-Bar Handle

All Aztron paddles are equipped with the two-pin block clamp.

This blocks allows a perfect closure between the inner handle tube and the shaft.

The Style 2.0 also comes with the standard nylon T-grip handle.

The shape of the handle allows maximum energy transfer and comfort during long periods paddling.

Double Chamber Construction

The Double Chamber Construction is a signature technology of Aztron and it applies on all the air boards products. The second air chamber offers at least 100 liters of safety buoyancy which ensures rider safety effectively.

The additional inner chamber with extra air pillars and sidewalls placed in the standing area and gives the board 30% more stiffness. With the double chamber structure, it makes the rider feel like paddling on a hard board.

High Pressure Double Valve System

All Aztron’s air SUPs are equipped with customized premium high-pressure double valves, designed exclusively for Double Chamber SUPs.

With a smaller diameter than a regular valve, our valves help prevent damages caused by over inflation.

Diamond Groove Footpad

Featuring a 5mm thick deep diamond grooved soft EVA foam pad.

This traction deck provides riders maximum grip and comfort while paddling.

Tail Kick Pad for Pivot Turn

The integrated square grooved tail kick pad provides optimal grip and control for buoy turning in choppy conditions.

A durable Safety Leash D-Ring attachment safely secures riders to the board.

Centre Grab Handle

Integrated centre grab handle for easy lift and non-stress transport.

All Aztron handles feature neoprene with rubber pad design, provides strength and give user a solid grab and comfortable carrying experience.

Rocker Design

With a minimal 4.75" (12cm) rocker design, the board's nose is boosted with less drags giving it maximum speed to length ratio.

The high-rocker system combined with kick-pad increase rideability and stability in choppy and wave condition.

The continuous rocker design allows user to turn with relative ease and less effort.