Aztron Europa - SUP
Aztron Europa - SUP
Aztron Europa - SUP
Aztron Europa - SUP
Aztron Europa - SUP
Aztron Europa - SUP
Aztron Europa - SUP
Aztron Europa - SUP

Aztron Europa

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Aztron Europa

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Blend in with nature on the all-new Aztron Europa Bamboo SUP.

Incorporating the light and versatile characteristics of the natural bamboo material and making a board that maximizes stability and glide.

The Europa Touring board is suited for all skill level riders who wish to venture further and paddle a longer distance journey.

The newly designed stretch out board outline gives maximum distance and tracking with minimum effort.

Ideal for riders 45-95kg  / 99-209lbs

  • Advanced Bamboo Epoxy sandwich construction
  • CNC cut EPS foam core
  • Artistic EUROPA inspired print
  • CAD sculpted flow curve
  • Camera mount at the front deck
  • Front and tail bungee system for long distance paddling needs
  • Boxy rails for extra stability
  • Sectional diamond grooved EVA traction deck for maximum grip
  • Integrated air vent plug
  • Recessed centre grab handle
  • Reduced square tail
  • 10-inch glass reinforced nylon fin with US fin box
  • Package comes complete with 10ft Coiled Safety Leash and 10" US Nylon Fin


Size 12'6"
Volume 270L
Width 28.5" / 72cm
Length 12.6" / 381.0cm
Thickness 7.5" / 19cm
Weight 14.4kg /
Recommended Rider Weight 45-95kg / 99-209lbs
Max Rider Weight < 115kg / 253lbs
Bamboo Sandwich Tech

The Europa is built with bamboo wood/glass composite construction with great strength and unique optics.

The bamboo top veneer gives the board a smooth water flow with its composite natural material.

Combined with extra layers of glass reinforcement, it offers great stiffness and weight ratio.

Bamboo has the highest strength to weight ratio of any natural fibre.

It is also eco-friendly since bamboo grows strong and rapidly over a short amount of time.

Narrow Low Nose Rocker

The low nose rocker effectively channels the water for a smoother flow and faster glide, greatly optimized for flat-water cruising.

The slightly V-Spine up nose also offers quick recovery and water dispersal.

Front Bungee System with Camera Mount

4-point D-ring connector at the front plus adjustable bungee system for gear storage and easy access.

The expandable front bungee system lets rider grab and go with safe and easy access to belongings and gears.

An additional mounting point for action camera is integrated at the nose area (camera not included).

Built-In Handle and Air Vent

The Europa features a built-in carry handle, which is completely recessed and makes the carrying experience much easier.

The integrated air vent allows the air pressure to balance between the EPS foam core of the board and the exterior of the board.

The air vent design protects the foam core board from delamination when temperature changes cause air to expand.

Front and Tail Bungee System

The double bungee systems are placed at the front deck and tail for storing gears and supplies so you can stay out on the water for longer distance trips.

Planet Inspire Graphic Print

Impactful graphic print visualizing the wonders of Europa.

The moon’s unique features has long been a curiosity for scientists.

Just as we have a never-ending curiosity for nature.

10" Glass Nylon All-Round Touring Fin

The 10.0 nylon fin gives maximum level of versatility, high performance and is suitable for all water conditions.

Made with premium grade fiberglass filled nylon, this fin makes your ride exceptionally smooth and efficient.

The US fin box setup offers the option to upgrade the fin for advanced riders.