Aztron Eclipse - SUP
Aztron Eclipse - SUP
Aztron Eclipse - SUP
Aztron Eclipse - SUP
Aztron Eclipse - SUP
Aztron Eclipse - SUP
Aztron Eclipse - SUP
Aztron Eclipse - SUP
Aztron Eclipse - SUP
Aztron Eclipse - SUP
Aztron Eclipse - SUP
Aztron Eclipse - SUP
Aztron Eclipse - SUP
Aztron Eclipse - SUP

Aztron Eclipse

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Aztron Eclipse

£599.00 GBP

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  • 10'6"
  • 11'0"


One of our most-loved composite boards, the Eclipse has been upgraded with new colours and new sizes for more diverse paddling experience.

This board highlights an all-time favourite board shape and generous deck size. The Eclipse makes for a perfect choice for beginner and intermediate paddlers.

The all-round and classic longboard shape offers an incredibly smooth ride in all conditions while the rounded outline makes those early turns easy.

Ideal for riders up to 10'6 (198lbs / 90kg) / 11'0 (242lbs /110kg)

  • High resistance Soft-Top Tech: EPS foam core with multiple layers of glass matrix
  • Wooden stringers for rigidity and strength
  • HDPE slick bottom for better tracking
  • Full deck and rail wrapped with 5mm thick diamond pattern EVA traction deck
  • Integrated air vent plug
  • Front bungee system
  • Recessed center handle 
  • Package comes complete with 10ft Coiled Safety Leash, 10" US Nylon Fin and Style 2.0 Aluminium 3-Piece Paddle


Size 10'6" 11'0
Volume 190L 250L
Width 32" /81cm 32" /81cm
Length 10'6" / 320.0cm 11'0" /
Thickness  4.5" / 11.4cm 4.75" / 12.0cm
Weight 11.5kg /
13.0kg /
Recommended Rider Weight 65-90kg / 143-198lbs 75-110kg / 165-242lbs
Max Rider Weight < 110kg / 242lbs < 130kg / 286lbs
Aztron Style

The Aztron Style 2.0 Aluminum paddle is the perfect choice of top quality and value.

With a 3-section adjustable design, it ensures every paddler-no matter his or her size, is able to have a go.

The outstanding new design delivers maximum visual appearances.


Upgrade Blade Shape and Structure

Aztron have decided to reduce the Style blades surface, with the smaller and slimmer profile, you can maximize the efficiency of your stroke with minimal shoulder stress.



Adjustable Shaft and T-Bar Handle

All Aztron paddles are equipped with the two-pin block clamp.

This blocks allows a perfect closure between the inner handle tube and the shaft.

The Style 2.0 also comes with the standard nylon T-grip handle.

The shape of the handle allows maximum energy transfer and comfort during long periods paddling.

HDPE Slick Bottom

Features a slick and durable HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) bottom surface improves safety in the event of impact absorption, while ensuring durability and slick speed for a smooth ride.

Ultra Soft EVA Fully Wrapped Deck and Rail

The entire top deck and rails are covered with 5mm thick diamond grooved EVA soft pad making the board safe, durable and comfortable to ride.

This full EVA deck with soft bumper rails also protect the board from paddle dings and minor abrasions caused by docks and other obstructions.

Built-In Centre Carry Handle

Complete with integrated deep handle, it is completely recessed and makes it easier to carry the SUP.

The handle also helps a lot to grab board easily when lying flat on the ground or on the water


Lightweight Soft-Tech Technology

The Eclipse Soft-Top paddle board is a perfect all-round that offers diverse paddling experience.

It features a classic board shape with advanced Soft-Top lightweight construction, it's incredibly on the water from flatware to small waves.

10" All Round Nylon Fin

The 10.0 Nylon Fin gives maximum grade of versatility, high performance and is suitable for all water conditions.

Made with premium grade fiberglass filled nylon, this fin system makes your ride smooth and efficiently.

The US fin box setup offers the option to upgrade the fin for advanced riders.