Axis Skinny Rear Wings - SUP
Axis Skinny Rear Wings - SUP
Axis Skinny Rear Wings - SUP
Axis Skinny Rear Wings - SUP

Axis Skinny Rear Wings

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Axis Skinny Rear Wings

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Taking the best from the speed range and progressives to create a new range to go with the much faster new front wings.

The key development here has been taking the flat, narrow chord, higher span shapes, and adding a small amount of downturn.

One thing you will notice with the Skinny rear wings is that whilst the chord drops significantly, greatly reducing the surface area, the spans stay very similar.

Large spans create plenty of lift for pitch control, but the reduced chord helps them run fast without creating more and more front foot pressure.

The development of the much faster-running ARTPRO wings prompted Axis to begin experimenting with reduced chord rear stabilisers to maximise this newfound speed advantage. With minimal span changes (just 7mm between them) and drastic chord reduction down to 55, 50, 45, 40 and 35mm, we found positive gains in speed, control, balance and feel. The Skinnies have inherited many of the same characterises that make our Progressive range so popular, like the precise feel and seamless turn initiation plus recovery.

They are very low drag and free up speed and turning. Heavier riders and those less experienced will gravitate to the 55, 50 and 45 chord models, those who are lighter and or have greater experience might opt to reduce drag in the extreme and try the 40 or 35mm chord options.

The Skinny rear wings inspire confidence by providing a more comfortable ride at speed, they reduce the normal build up of front foot pressure that can be associated with high-speed foiling. They are a perfect match to ARTPRO foils, but keep in mind, your HPS, ART, PNG and even BSC, will equally benefit from the Skinny high-performance DNA.

AXIS Skinny Rear Wing Sizes