Aquatone Mist - SUP
Aquatone Mist - SUP
Aquatone Mist - SUP
Aquatone Mist - SUP
Aquatone Mist - SUP
Aquatone Mist - SUP
Aquatone Mist - SUP
Aquatone Mist - SUP
Aquatone Mist - SUP
Aquatone Mist - SUP
Aquatone Mist - SUP
Aquatone Mist - SUP
Aquatone Mist - SUP
Aquatone Mist - SUP
Aquatone Mist - SUP
Aquatone Mist - SUP
Aquatone Mist - SUP
Aquatone Mist - SUP
Aquatone Mist - SUP
Aquatone Mist - SUP
Aquatone Mist - SUP

Aquatone Mist

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Aquatone Mist

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Aquatone is thrilled to introduce the upgraded Mist 10’4” Compact SUP with electrifying new features and fresh seasonal graphics. The Mist offers a smart solution for travelling and storage. A tough yet lightweight core material and unique deck construction allow the board to be packed down to only half the size of a conventional air board.

The mist can be packed down to fit into a 78l sup gear bag thanks to its versatile shape, lightweight core material and smart folding design. this compact design makes the board extremely easy to transport and store.

The lite drop-stitch material creates an extremely lightweight and quality sup at an unbeatable price. Combined with stringer tech, this extra stiff board is ready for the ultimate paddling performance. The sectional eva footpad also makes the board extremely easy to fold and gives uncompromising comfort and grip. 

With a perfect length at 10’4”/315cm and generous board width at 32”/81cm, this board can perform in all water conditions, from flatwater to small waves. Along with it's 13cm wide centre stringer construction from the top to the bottom and both sides of the board, it also makes the board solid even in the windy and choppy water.

With the most popular all-round shape and a generous board width and thickness, the Mist boasts an uncompromisingly high performance for all riders to enjoy.

Ideal for riders up to 209lbs / 90kg.

  • Stringer Tech for board stiffness
  • High Pressure Valve
  • Compact Folding Concept
  • Front Bungee Cords
  • Sectional EVA deep grooved traction deck
  • Side Grab Handle
  • Double 9-inch fin set-up. US fin box 
  • Ready-to-Go Accessory Pack: including SUP gear backpack, double action pump, 9ft safety leash and Allstyle aluminum adjustable paddle


Size 10'4"
Volume 315L
Width 32" / 81.0cm
Length 10'4" / 315.0cm
Thickness  6.0" / 15.0cm
Weight 8.7kg /
Recommended Rider Weight 95kg / 209lbs
Max Rider Weight < 128kg / 282lbs
Aquatone Allstyle

The Allstyle Aluminum Paddle economical entry-level paddle provides great strength and glide for paddlers to confidently explore.

With durable molded nylon blade and two-pin clamp system, this paddle is light weight, durable and adjustable for any conditions during your adventures.

The medium to large sized blade is designed to make your paddling job easier with an approximately 560 cm2 / 86.6 blade area, this paddle is great for flat water paddling.

A unique and signature aquatone themed pattern is integrated in the molded plastic material of the blade. this sleek new design strikes a balance of quality and design.

Rigid Spine in the Blade

The allstyle blade is designed with a rigid spine positioned in the middle of the blade to speed up the water flow during the strokes.

Aluminium Shaft

The allstyle paddle pairs a 1.2mm thick aluminum shaft.

The shaft is lightweight and foam injected allowing the aluminum paddle to float in water for an extended period of time.

Easy Clip Adjustable System

The easy-clip one-pin block clamp lets you adjust the paddle length precisely to your preferences within its size range.

Making this a versatile paddle to adjust according to your paddling conditions.

T-Style Plastic Handle

The allstyle paddle handle has an ergonomic shape that fits comfortably into the palm of your hand for hours of effortless paddling.

Stringer Tech

The Aquatone Mist 10'4" incorporates a 13cm wide reinforced pvc stringer along the top and bottom centerline, it significantly increases the board stiffness compared to regular single layer air sups.

Together with a double-layered rail construction and premium drop-stitch core, makes the boards stiff, durable, and easy to handle.

High Pressure Valve

Customized for aquatone air sup, the high-pressure air valve technology applies to ensure the board maximum stiffness and riders' safety.

Important: the maximum air pressure of this board is 15psi. any higher pressure could overinflate and damage the board.

Compact Folding Concept

The mist incorporates an innovative folding concept to make the full-sized air sup fold down to half the size of a conventional inflatable paddle board.

The folding concept is the smart answer for traveling and limited storage.

Generous Board Thickness

The 6" (15cm) board thickness provides enough volume and great stability.

It gives riders an extremely comfortable ride, especially if you are new to paddle boarding.

Front Bungee Cords

The integrated d-ring connectors with adjustable bungee cords located in the front of the traction pad for easy access and gear storage and gives more spaces for paddling.

Sectional EVA Footpad and Side Grab Handle

The mist features a 4mm thick diamond pattern soft eva traction pad for excellent grip.

The sectional design ensures easy folding and packaging.

The side grab handle is built with soft neoprene with a rubber pad that provides enough strength and a comfortable carrying experience.

Double Fin System

Features a 5-inch double fin set-up with push-in design. built with reinforced nylon and aquatone customized fin base.

The unique fin base is more secure with the extra grooved bottom to lock the fin in place.

Extra Small Package

Pack light, travel far! Thanks to the premium drop-stitch core material, the mist compact sup is easy to fold down in the middle, and the overall package is about half the size of the conventional sup bag.

This compact design gives easy transport and offers a smart solution for limited storage.