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The Slingshot SlingWing V3 is a light weight inflatable wing that has a rigid frame when pumped up and can be packed in a small bag when deflated. No harness, control bar, lines, mast, boom or battens needed. It’s designed to be used with a foil or paddle board with enough volume for the rider to stand on and can also be used with snow sports or skating.

The SlingWing is part windsurfing, part kiteboarding and part flying, each broken down to their most basic form. When you combine it with a foil, you get an entirely new sport that simplifies the experience and gear you need to fly across the water powered by the wind. If you’re new to windsports, the SlingWing is easier, safer and more user-friendly than any of its predecessors, and if you’re an experienced wind junkie, it’s a fun and simplisticstyle of riding you’ll enjoy instantly.

The all new SlingWing V3 to give you significantly more power per size. Using a smaller wing in the same wind provides the advantages of higher speed and increased control with less weight and drag. The larger strut and leading edge diameter provide a completely rigid frame fro big airs with tons of hang time. A tight canopy panels oscillation and flutter to increase luffing performance. The V3’s new elongated handle system allows riders to perfectly place their grip for maximum responsiveness.

The one pump system makes inflation quick and simple, while the added dump valve on the strut makes deflation and packing a breeze. The profile entry battern provides smooth aerodynamic shaping where th inflatable leading edge transitions to the wing canopy for the efficient air flow across the wing. Light and tough 4×4 canopy tech material, combined with skate scuff tough strips on the wingtips and leading edge, provide increased durability for wherever you ride, land or sea.

Like its predecessor, the V3 features harness line attachement pigtails that allo you to use a harness for higher speeds, better tack angles and longer sessions.

Using the wind to propel you across the water (or land) is an addicting sensation, and the Slingwing V3 is yet another form to get your fix. You need decent board skills, but little to no sailing or kiting experience to get the hang of it right out of the gate. Its unique appeal comes from how simple it is and the freedom you feel using it. Just stand on your board, hold the wing at the proper angle and off you go. To ease power, just sheet out or let go with your back hand and the wing drifts with you like a paper airplane.


2.5m2, 3.5m2, 4.0m2, 4.5m2, 5.5m2, 6.5m2 or 7.5m2

Who is it for?:

One of the greatest things about the SlingWing V3 is how simple and safe it is to use. All you really need are moderate board/foil skills and a basic awareness of the wind. It was designed to be combined with foiling, and since the friction is so low, it takes very little arm strength to use once you’re cruising. It works the same without a foil on a paddle board, skis/snowboard or skateboard but may require more strength to use for extended periods.

Slingshot Construction:

20+ years building the most durable gear on the market. The SlingWing is built to the same standards with many of the same innovations we use in our top-of-the-line kites.

New Elognated Handles:

Slide to perfectly place your grip without releasing a hand.

Leading Edge Luff Handle:

Soft neoprene underlining lets you enjoy hours of gliding, free from knuckle rub.

One Pump Speed System and Strut Dump Valve:

Inflate and deflate quickly and efficiently.

Harness Line Attachment Pigtails:

Quickly connect or disconnect your harness line for higher speed, better tack angles, and less muscle fatigue.

Increased Leading Edge and Strut Diameter:

Provides a stiffer and more powerful ride.

Reflex Inflatable Trailing Edge Design:

The SlingWing’s unique design features an inflatable trailing edge that completes a rigid frame around the entire wing (not just the leading edge like other designs). This makes a big difference in performance, wind and load tolerance and gives it “pitch positive” flight. The frame keeps it from flapping, fluttering and folding in the wind the way less robust designs are prone to.

Power Grip Y Handle Layout:

Multiple grip points in a Y shape along the leading edge and center strut gives you the freedom to position your hands in the ideal position no matter how you manouvre. This unique design also gives you better leverage over the wing to manipulate its angle of attack with greater precision and less strain.

Wide Boy Mono Strut:

The SlingWing’s centre strut is large and in charge, and for good reason. The wide strut profile allows the power grip handles more leverage over the center axis of the wing, which translates to an easier and more efficient control in your hands.

Skate Scuff Tough Strips:

An attention to detail that will dramatically increase durability for anyone looking to use the SlingWing as a crossover toy for skating or on the snow. Scuff strips are located on the wingtips where they are vulnerable to damage from dragging on rough surfaces.

High Pressure Valves:

For maximum air pressure in the Reflex Trailing Edge.

30 Piece Constant Curve Leading Edge:

Segmented leading edge sewn in multiple sections to create the perfect shape and taper while maintaining stiffness throughout the wing.

Leading Edge Surf Handles:

Grippy grab handles are located strategically on the leading edge to give the rider more options, more range of movement and more leverage over the wing to accommodate different conditions and uses.

Split Strut:

Integration of the canopy and centre strut for maximum structure and performance.

Wrist Safety Leash:

The SlingWing comes with a wrist leash for safety that attaches to the centre of the leading edge.

Slingwing Back Pack:

For easy storage.

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