Starboard Sprint Airline - SUP
Starboard Sprint Airline - SUP
Starboard Sprint Airline - SUP
Starboard Sprint Airline - SUP
Starboard Sprint Airline - SUP
Starboard Sprint Airline - SUP
Starboard Sprint Airline - SUP
Starboard Sprint Airline - SUP
Starboard Sprint Airline - SUP
Starboard Sprint Airline - SUP
Starboard Sprint Airline - SUP
Starboard Sprint Airline - SUP
Starboard Sprint Airline - SUP
Starboard Sprint Airline - SUP
Starboard Sprint Airline - SUP
Starboard Sprint Airline - SUP
Starboard Sprint Airline - SUP
Starboard Sprint Airline - SUP
Starboard Sprint Airline - SUP

Starboard Sprint Airline

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Starboard Sprint Airline

£1,479.00 GBP

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  • 14'0'' x 24.0''
  • 14'0 x 25.5"
  • 14'0 x 27.0"
  • 14'0" x 29.0"
  • Board Only
  • Enduro UD Carbon


Flat water races on inflatable boards are about to be revamped. Similar to its composite counterpart, the Starboard Sprint Airline board is meant to be fastest board in the flat water conditions.

With a narrow nose to cut through the water surface, the centre of balance sits behind the middle of the board providing great acceleration.

Woven Fusion dropstitch technology maintains the board at its lightweight. The cutting edge standing tray is another innovation securing stability, control and comfort, while the edge release technology reduces drag by creating a laminar flow behind the board.

Sprint 14'0 x 24:

The fastest inflatable race board is also insanely lightweight. The ideal board for flat water racing, being the narrowest in the range, this board requires high skill to be used at a performance level. But it makes up for this with its speed and acceleration.

Sprint 14'0 x 25.5":

This board is projecting itself to be a favorite amongst inflatable race boards. It you enough stability to be in control when conditions get choppy, yet is fast and tracky to cover distances quickly. With the extra stiffness of the carbon stringer in the bottom and the narrow tail, this board will make you question a hard board.

Sprint 14'0 x 27":

Providing you with added stability so you can save energy from balancing and instead use it to maximize your paddle power. The narrow tail allows you to turn easier and faster around buoys, without compromising your stability. Extra stiff thanks to the carbon center stringer on the bottom.

Sprint 14'0 x 29":

The most stable board in the range thanks to its width. And combined with the EVA standing tray it offers you extra stability and control for choppy conditions. Designed as a race board for riders up to 125 kg, this board also doubles up as fast Touring board. The wide tail section, allows you to carry some luggage if you are going on an expedition.

Patented Airline Technology:

The free-flowing aramid cable locks the board in shape when inflated, creating a solid trustworthy hull sensation.

The patented Airline Technology utilises a pre-set free-floating cable. It is attached to the nose, goes under the bottom and ends at the fin box. The preset cable is slightly shorter than the board so, when the board inflates, the cable comes under tension and stiffens the board significantly. Starboard have measured 1.8 cm less hull deflection in testing and World Champion Connor Baxter swears by it.

Complete as standard with backpack, fin and pump or with Enduro UD Carbon paddle.

Available in 14'0 x 24", 14'0 x 25.5", 14'0 x 27" and 14'0 x 29".



Size 14'0 14'0 14'0 14'0
Volume 281L 296L 316L 333L
Width 24" / 61cm 25.5" / 64.7cm 27" / 68.6cm 29" / 73.7cm
Length 14'0 / 426cm 14'0 / 426cm 14'0 / 426cm 14'0 / 426cm
Thickness 6" / 15cm 6" / 15cm 6" / 15cm 6" / 15cm
Weight 10.4kg 10.4kg 11.0kg 11.3kg
User Weight 50-70kg 50-80kg 60-90kg 60-105kg
Welded Rail Technology:

The Fusion Woven dropstitch makes the Deluxe boards extra strong and stiff.

The Heat Welded rails create a complete airtight, mechanically bonded seam without the risk of glue weakening over time. Making the board stronger and last longer.

Drop-Fin Box:

The outline improves the hydrodynamic efficiency of the box and reduce its drag by 50%.

New smart reinforcements reduce the weight by 10%.

New hidden compartment to hide the knot of the Airline’s aramid cable, leaving more space to adjust the fin’s position.

Twin Carbon Stringers:

Positioned on the deck to increase the stiffness.

Carbon Centre Stringer:

Increases the stiffness and reflex sensation of the board, while covering the floating cable and creating a smooth surface

Rail Edge Technology:

Creates a sharp edge for the water to release smoothly for optimal glide and speed.

Race Handles:

Provide a balanced grip for a running beach start.

Fin Setup:

The Airline fin box is locking the cable at the tail of the board, ensuring tighter rigging.

The board comes with a Race 23″ net positive fin.

Diamond Grooved EVA Deck Pad:

Provides grip and control for buoy turning and surfing on the tail.

FCS Insert:

On the nose to attach accessories like a GoPro, phone holder, compass or GPS

STAR Mount supplied with every board to attach further accessories.

Bungee Tie Down:

For storing gear and supplies.

The bungee is attached with 4 D-rings which can be used to clip on your bags and gear.

Lightweight Leash:

At only 70g, the leash is incredibly light.

Soft cushioning means it will flatten when stood on.

Easy to attach to the leash ring without needing any excess rope loop.

EVA Standing Tray:

Helps to hold wider stance for extra stability and helps recover balance with the EVA to push against.

Provides more control to lean on the rail to steer the board from the midpoint.

Creates a dug out standing which makes it more versatile to paddle in choppy water as the water.

Made with EVA so they are lightweight, soft to stand against and flexible when packing.

Tension Adjuster:

Cable tension adjustment point.

4 different positions to easily set the wanted tension and rebound feeling.

Nose Cone:

Guides the cable at the bow’s center line, while creating the perfect nose shape.

Made from up-cycled fishing nets.

Large Bag Shape:

Made wider and shorter, so it’s easy and fast to pack, whilst preserving the shape of the Side Walls.

Due to the EVA Side walls, the All Star must be folded instead of rolled.

Bag is made from recycled plastic bottles. Approx. 30 bottles used to make 1 bag.