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The Shinn Mega-K Foil is a fast and versatile multi-use wing designed for Surf, SUP, Wave kiting and extreme light winds.

With a surprisingly high top speed for a wing of this size and yet still un-believable low speed starting (as low as 8 kph) Mega-K leads us down the path of multi-discipline wings.

Designed to provide lift at low speeds and yet retain enough top end to keep it fun the Mega-K provides stability and manoeuvrability making it perfect for SUP, SURF or Kitewave foiling in small to medium sized waves.

Utilizing a low to mid aspect ratio wing with a high rake delta outline has allowed Shinn to provide the massive speed range needed to handle both starting and control on the wave face. The main wings blended winglets work with the flat stabiliser to give great directional stability without limiting the carving potential even at crazy slow speeds.

So why does Shinn recommend the Mega K for extreme light wind kiting as well? Low speed starting is the key where the challenge is to generate enough speed to start foiling. With the Mega-K the power needed to water start is already enough to fly and with a top speed in excess of 35 kph you’ll be cruising when even other foilers are left sitting on the beach.

  • Carbon Re-enforced Mid-Low Aspect Ratio Wing - Delta Design Wing 1200 cm²
  • ST3 G10 Inverted Profile Stabiliser - 280cm² with integrated yaw control 
  • Amazingly Versatile Speed Range - Take off around 8 kph with top speeds >35 kph
  • 3 Mast Length options - Available complete with either 60cm, 75cm or 90cm mast.
  • Strike Resistant Design - Top mounting for the delicate composite wings protects them from accidental bottom strikes
  • Quik-Fit Plate - Fast and easy foil attachment to any board with 165 x 90 plate spacings without removing the screws
  • Modular Design - Fuselage compatibility with all other Shinn wings and stabilisers
  • Padded Travel Case - Supplied in a padded case for minimal space and peace of mind when travelling.
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