STX Hybrid Tourer - SUP
STX Hybrid Tourer - SUP
STX Hybrid Tourer - SUP
STX Hybrid Tourer - SUP
STX Hybrid Tourer - SUP
STX Hybrid Tourer - SUP

STX Hybrid Tourer

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STX Hybrid Tourer

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The STX 11’6 Hybrid Tourer is board ideal for touring and flatwater activities. It's elongated shape and tapered nose give it improved glide on flat water, as well as traversing chop with greater ease. Complete with a baseplate insert, which makes it possible to use the board for both stand-up paddling and windsurfing. 

Using a single Removable 9” fin which, along with the longer overall shape of the board, the STX Tourer enhances its tracking, allowing it to travel forwards more effectively. Its volume of 280L and not inconsiderable width of 32” make it reasonably stable, assisted by a square-shaped tail, which prevents the board tipping from side to side, as well as increasing the surface area of the tail.

Coupled with a hardy double layer construction, the STX 11’6 Hybrid Touring is a very serviceable inflatable paddleboard in a great value package.

Included is a 3-piece aluminum SUP paddle with a comfortable handle that comes as part of the package and can be easily adjusted to suit the size of the rider. Elastic bungee cords toward the nose also allow you to carry personal belongings securely.

Package includes: board, alloy 3-piece paddle, portable pump, fins, repair kit, and STX backpack

Dimensions: 11'6" x 32" x 6" – 280 litres.