Why we love Wingfoiling!

If you haven’t already given wingfoiling a shot, it’s time you try it for yourself!


Wingfoiling is pure and it’s simple. Compared to other action sports, the amount of gear needed is not too much and in general it can be learnt and done in a very safe way. It’s pure freedom, you don’t even need a harness! Wingfoiling requires only one board, a pump and a relatively small wing for you to fly. Simple.

Easy To Learn:

Usually, it only takes a few goes on a SUP with a wing and you’ll be up and riding. The handling of the wing is very straightforward. The progression is usually pretty steep, i.e. in a short period of time, your skills improve quite drastically.

New Spots:

Through wing foiling, locations that previously were not even considered a spot for kitesurfing or windsurfing, suddenly turn into amazing fun parks. Small lakes or choppy waterways with super gusty winds and even unimaginable city spots, like for example the Danube in Vienna, Austria, are great for wing foiling, opening up totally new options for some fun sessions!

New Skills:

Learning something new is always exciting. Maybe your progression in other sports got a bit stuck, you’ve been doing the same thing for too many years or you might never even have had anything to do with water sports in the past, then Wingfoiling is your gateway to fun, fitness, new friends, new skills and all the exhilarating experiences that come with learning something new!

Riding Waves:

Wingfoiling creates totally new opportunities for wave riding. Waves that cannot be caught on a surfboard can suddenly be ridden, often for hundreds of meters, rides that you could only have dreamed of until wingfoiling came along. Even wind swells on lakes can now give you the surfing fix!

New Tricks:

You always thought that inventing new tricks is something only the best kite- and windsurf pros can do? Well, it’s time to change your mind! Wingfoiling is so new, there is every chance in the world that you come up with a newly invented move that nobody’s done before and name it. By taking moves from windsurfing and kitesurfing to wingfoiling, plus combinations of the two sports as well as totally new inventions, the sky's the limit for this new sport!


The vibe amongst wingfoilers around the globe is one of excitement, froth, and love for this young sport, exhilaration about spots and playgrounds, learning new skills and so much more! It’s both comradeship and a lifestyle. We as humans love to connect and we use mutually shared feelings and experiences to do so. Wingfoiling will give you ample opportunities to connect with people and make new friends from all walks of life, with different backgrounds (windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing…) or total newbies to watersports.

Poor Conditions:

With wingfoiling, “bad conditions” are a thing of the past. In particular, for kitesurfing, often the conditions of the day or the characteristics of a spot can be deemed “unkiteable”, i.e. too gusty or too light, too sketchy due to obstacles in the water or on the beach, or if the area to self-launch is to small and there’s nobody to help you. Well, get into wingfoiling and “bad conditions” will turn into some of the most fun days you’ve ever had on the water!


Unless you want to specialize in only one aspect of wingfoiling like proper wave riding in large waves, or extreme freestyle moves, wingfoiling equipment in general, is extremely versatile. You only need one board, one or two wings and you’re set to cover pretty much all conditions and disciplines: Flatwater cruising, jumping, wave riding, downwinders.

Full Body Workout:

Depending on the intensity you decide to go about it, wingfoiling can be a highly effective full-body workout. It will help you to lose some unwanted kilos, get into great shape and keep you fit. And the best thing about it: it is much more fun than any gym!