Naish Sport Plus 3-Piece

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Lighter and more durable, the all new Sport Plus 3-Piece combines the best elements of popular paddles to make a long-lasting option for entry-level and recreation paddlers.

Constructed with plastic injection technology, the blade is virtually indestructible (and easier on the board’s rails while learning proper blade placement when stroking). Glass matrix in the shaft delivers heightened flex curve for more energy absorption and less impact on the shoulders. For younger athletes, this is especially advantageous in preventing injury.

This paddle is easy to transport and adjust on the fly—an ideal feature for beginning paddlers still finding their preferred paddle height in various conditions. The anti-twist vario system features a single notch for perfect blade/handle alignment every time. The yard Seal fortifies the shaft exterior creating a watertight seal that enhances buoyancy.

  • Paddle Weight: 1144g
  • Surface Area: 581cm² / 90in²
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