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The Naish Javelin is for dedicated racers who race in flatwater or light wind downwinders.

Combining more than a decade of racing experience with input from the fastest paddlers in the world to set new records.

Those familiar with the Naish lineup will recognize the Javelin name plate as one of the top flatwater raceboards from a few years ago. While the name is familiar, the shape is completely brand new.

When designing the Javelin, Naish kept in mind that most flatwater races rarely offer glassy conditions. Good boards in this category need to perform as well in choppy conditions as they do in glassy ones, draft well, offer the speed to overtake easily and still be maneuverable enough to quickly make buoy turns.

Additionally the ability to catch glides is also important should the opportunity arise. With this checklist in hand, we set to work on the Javelin to make a board that not only met our standards, but exceeded them.

The narrow and straight outline pierces through the water efficiently and quickly. Its recessed deck allows the board to be narrower than ever, while retaining stability—ensuring maximum power output through every stroke. Strategically placed scupper holes create a self-bailing system and drain water from the recess. The tail has also been optimally shaped to give the rider perfect positioning for aggressive buoy turns.

To ensure the fastest boards possible, we worked closely with World Champions Casper Steinfath, Bernd Roediger and Annie Reickert in a variety of conditions to guarantee explosive speed with the versatility to win in all conditions.

Javelin 14'0" X22 - ideal for riders up to 190/86 kg.

Javelin 14'0" X24 - ideal for riders up to 220/100 kg.

Size 14'0" 14'0"
Volume  256L 280L
Width 22.0" / 55.9cm 24.0" / 61.0cm
Length 14'0" / 426.7cm 14'0" / 426.7cm
Thickness  9.3" / 
 9.3" / 
Rider Weight  < 86kg / 
 < 100kg / 



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