Jobe Vizela

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Jobe Vizela
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The Jobe Vizela 9.4, is 32" wide giving it a large surface area making this bamboo beauty truly versatile and stable for surfers up to 100 kg. Next to its shiny and white clean look, with grey rail and electro green fin accents, we manufactured the Vizela to a high spec which screams quality from the off.

With a thickness of 5'' buoyancy is guaranteed. Side fins can be replaced with a US fin box for optimal fin position with thruster fin suitable for waves. The specialized shape features a full nose profile with a steadily tapering as you get closer to the tail. A rounded pin, honeycomb 6” US box centre fin and FCS 4.52” side bites, plus thick deck pad, finish off a top drawer product.

Paddling on the Vizela is stable, stepping further back lifts the nose helping alleviate the pushes. Due to its thruster fins, tracking is efficient. Picking up waves is also easy with the Vizela! Once on the tail a whole new manoeuvrable beast shows up and arcing turns can be achieved with only subtle body movements.

Newbies stepping in to the surf arena for the first time will find Jobe's Vizela a good tutor with all skills possible to be learnt with this sled. Furthermore, it comes with a single fin for the long journey. And a bungee cord to take with you what you need for your discovery. You get a SUP leash and a rail saver to keep your board clean, too.

  • Length: 9'4'' (285cm)
  • Width: 32' (81, 3cm)
  • Thickness: 4,5' (11, 4cm)
  • Volume (L): 150
  • Recommended Rider Weight: Up to 100 kg/220 lbs
  • Board Weight: 24 LBS (11kg)
  • Nose Rocker: 6 3/4', Tail Rocker: 3 13/16'
  • 9 ft straight leash
  • 5mm thick diamond pattern EVA traction deck
  • Easy connectable leash plug
  • Camera plug to capture all your moments
  • Comfortable carrying handle
  • Automatic air vent plug
  • US finbox for optimal fin position
  • Thruster fin for waves (6'center + 4.5' side fin)
  • Rail saver to prevent scratches'

Size 9'6"  
Volume 150L  
Width 32.0" /
Length 9'4" / 285cm  
Thickness  4'5" / 11.4cm  
Weight 24lbs / 
Rider Weight < 100kg / 220lbs  



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