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The Jobe Venta / Sail package comes complete with everything you need to take you out on the water when it's windy.

The new 9.6 SUP board has a 300L volume and makes use of Jobe's Heat Bonded Technology, ensuring quality and stiffness. Jobe have also added brand new X-Stitching Construction making the board lighter and stiffer. B

The Venta has multiple handles to hold onto when out on rougher seas but when combined with the Jobe Venta SUP Sail you can get ready to cruise around and hit the water at all times.

The SUP sail comes in a handy little package which you can take with you and store easily.

Venta Sail:

The Venta SUP Sail is 3.5m2 and is compatible with the windsurf insert on the new Venta 9.6 SUP and includes all the necessities to get you on the water such as and uphaul cord and foot mast.

  • Length: 9'6'' (290cm)
  • Width: 33" (83cm)
  • Thickness: 6" (15cm)
  • Volume: 279L
  • Recommended rider weight: up to 140kg/308lbs.
  • Board Weight: 23.8lbs. (10.8kg)
  • Nose Rocker: 9", Tail Rocker: 0"
  • Heat bonded technology: more-layer quality and safety
  • 5mm thick diamond pattern EVA traction deck
  • Windsurf insert mounted in the board
  • Halkey Roberts valve
  • Valve patch assistance
  • D-ring connector on tip and tail
  • Easy-to-carry neoprene handle
  • 8'' US fin & molded sidefins
  • Bungee storage net
  • Double action pump
  • 10 ft./3,04 m coiled leash
  • Adjustable fiberglass 3-piece paddle (jobe freedom stick)
  • Waterproof backpack
Size 9'6  
Volume 279L  
Width 33" / 83cm  
Length 9'6" / 290.0cm  
Thickness  6'0" / 15cm  
Weight  23.8lbs / 
Rider Weight < 140kg / 308lbs  
Heat Bonded Technology:

The Jobe Aero Sup board range is enginneered with a high density of nylon threads on the inside, fused to a solid PVC-coated base cloth by pre-laminated heat bonded technology. This technology holds the laminate drop stitch inside to the second layers with controlled heat performed by a machine, removing all human error and flaws.

Jobe have taken a layer of drop stitch reinforcement to protect the base cloth and a second drop stitch reinforcement layer to strengthen the board to its max. On top of these layers, a PVC-coat nylon base is used to guarantee the Jobe Aero Inflatable's durability.

All layers are well-connected due to thermos-assembled methods performed by high-tech machines under controlled conditions, saving almost 2kg in weight compared to traditional double layer application methods. All these processes together create the perfect blend between shape, looks, durability and weight. Another important fact to add is that Heat Bonded Technology highly reduces the use of glue which is better for the environment.

In short, Jobe Boards are 2kg lighter, stiffer, stronger, keep their shape, float easier through the water, more airtight and most importantly super durable.

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