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The Duotone Unit foil wing is perfect for waves, downwind and freeride. Duotone worked hard to create a shape that is incredibly stable when totally depowered, as when you’re using a wave’s energy and the wing is just flagging behind. One key element is maximum performance and smooth handling, even in strong and gusty conditions. The new 2022 Unit will impress you from it's first flight. Light, lifty and stable, yet incredibly easy to handle and control with new rigid handles.

When depowered, the lightweight construction guarantees a smooth drift, making surfing swell or waves so incredibly easy and comfortable. During floating before take-off, the Unit delivers plenty of power to get you up on the foil fast. The amazing manoeuverability makes jibes, freestyle and cruising in waves absolutely effortless.

The slightly wider span of the Unit offers great luffing stability when on the wave and significantly better hang time in the jumps. Yet the wingspan and dihedral still make it easy for less experienced riders, freeriding, cruising or rotational freestyle moves. Increased segments to the leading edge and panel layout of the Unit have allowed the Unit to be finely optimized for canopy tension and twist.

The new window layout has also led to weight savings without compromising comfort and safety. Simulations on airflow have helped the final tweaks and attention to detail, giving the Unit such a light feel in your hands with an incredible lift through jibes and tacks and instant response when you need it!

Forget what you know about handle equipped wings, the new screwed-on rigid handle still covers pump-and-go simplicity but feels more responsive and direct than any handle wing you’ve touched.

The whole setup is designed for super easy rigging: just inflate and go, that’s it. It also packs down small and is perfect for taking on adventures.

Whether you are wave riding, cruising downwind, or just starting your wing journey, the Unit has you covered. Balanced, easy to use, fast to set up and suitable for a wide range of disciplines the Unit is the wing to choose if you want the performance in a small package.

Available in sizes 2.0m, 2.5m, 3.0m, 3.5m, 4.0m, 4.5m, 5.0m, 5.5m, 6.0m and 6.5m.


*Coiled Wrist Leash sold separately.

Size Knots PSI
2.0m 30-50 11
2.5m 25-45 10
3.0m 20-40 9.5
3.5m 16-35 9.0
4.0m 13-30 8.5
4.5m 11-28 8.0
5.0m 9-25 7.5
5.5m 8-22 7.5
6.0m 7-20 7.0
6.5m 6-18 7.0
Segmented Front Tube Unit:

Segmented front tube with improved stiffness in the centre panels and better flex behaviour.

Wing Geometry Unit:

Very powerful profile that packs a lot of low-end grunt to get you going in lighter wind than other wings. The large diameter leading edge and center strut provide the structure and stiffness needed to pump and generate power in light wind. Optimized canopy tension makes the Unit low-drag with minimal flutter, ideal for luffing while surfing. The Unit is also incredibly roll-stable when held from the front handle.


Super helpful and an important safety benefit, whether you‘re cruising around in traffic or surfing swells downwind.

Rigid Handles:

Unique lightweight rigid handle design offers boom-like comfort and control with direct steering and a grip range of 26cm per handle.

Mini Battens:

One small batten per side reduces flutter and drag to a minimum and support upwind ability and top end performance.

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