Duotone Foil Wing Boom

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The Duotone Foil Wing boom stabilizes the profile and is compatible with every wing size due to length adjustment. It gives the Foil Wing best ease of use with unlimited hand placements and highest level of performance. For takeoff power and efficient pumping of the wing, the rider has a stiff and strong connection to the wing.

By utilizing a boom, you also get unlimited choices of hand placements and a much more rigid connection to the wing itself. This helps with control and power development.

The boom is also adjustable so it can be used with all of Duotone foil wings. 115-175 for wings up to 5m and 141-201 for foil wings over 6m.

Particular attention was paid to the leech tension and shape; this area of the wing not only helps with upwind ability but also aids power control when pumping the wing and the foil.

The Duotone Foil Wing has been fine-tuned to offer excellent responsiveness to rider input, and it is also incredibly light, giving you plenty of control on the water.


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