C-Skins Hot Wired Short Sleeve Rash Vest

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Even though C-Skins Hot Wired Neo Tops are mostly used in warm water, they can be used very versatile to react to changing weather conditions.

It’s a clever way to quickly add some extra warmth when it’s getting a bit chilly or cloudy.

They offer more heat retention compared to rashguards and feel extremely comfortable due to the super stretchy 0.5 mm C-Flex UltraStretch neoprene. Of course they provide 100% UV protection and help reduce rash and pressure marks from a harness or lying on a surfboard.

It even works great as an additional layer of Neoprene underneath your wetsuit when extra warmth is needed.

The Hot Wired Vest also boasts Dryknit technology used extensively throughout the Hotwired wetsuit providing unbelieveable thermal protection and drying time of approx 15 minutes. So if you've given up on your morning ride on the water and the wind picks up at lunchtime, you can quickly throw on your C-Skins Hot Wired knowing it will be cosy and dry.

Dryknit Technology:

C-Skins Dryknit technology lining is all about enhancing your time in the water through material innovation. While you’re in the water the material wicks water away from your body keeping you warmer and more comfortable for longer. The material works in a capillary action pulling water into the core layer and then free draining through the suit meaning the suit is always reducing its weight. This new technology also means your wetsuit should be dry in around 15 minutes when you hang it out to dry meaning another session the next day in a fresh wetsuit is guaranteed.


Size Chest Euro
Medium 96-100cm 50
Large 100-106cm 52
X Large 106-111cm 54


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