Axis S-Series 1010mm Carbon Front Wing

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The Axis S-Series 1010mm Carbon Front wing is a new generation of high aspect wing, focusing on long, fast gliding and pumping. Using a different foil section than our S-Series 900 and S-Series 1000 carbon wings, the 1010 is designed with Downwinding in mind, while offering tremendous amount of glide, and control.

The 1010 wing is not only a gliding machine. It also works amazingly for SUP and SURF on fast riding small to medium size waves, as well as wingfoiling, pumping and foiling behind the boat.

The S-Series 1010 carbon wing connects to the S-Series fuselages with 3 x M8 20mm screws.

The graphics on the wings give you all possible measurements so you can best compare and also quickly swap pieces or get new accessories for your foil.

Technical Data:
  • Max Chord: 160mm
  • Actual Area: 1430 square cm / 222 square inches
  • Wingspan: 1010 mm / 40 inches
  • Projected Area: 1430 square cm / 222 square inches
  • Volume: 1732 cubic cm / 106 cubic inches
Recommended use:
  • Downwinding - High Performance / Lighter wind
  • SUP / Surf - High Performance / smaller to medium size waves
  • Wing Foiling, lighter winds
  • Pump Foiling
  • Wake Foiling
Suggested Rear Wing:
  • S-Series 460 Carbon for max speed
  • S-Series 440 Carbon for control and stability (all levels)
  • S-Series 400 Carbon for looser feel and carvy turns while still maintaining good amount of control (Intermediate)
  • S-Series 370 Carbon for loose feel and even faster turning, with less stability (intermediate / advanced)

Complete with Axis padded cover with zipper for a safer setup, transportation and storage.

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